Travel through Lexington, KY on Bus Tours to Soak in the City’s Culture

Did you know that Lexington in Kentucky was once referred to as the “Athens of the West?” That just tells you how rich cultural heritage this city has.
If you are someone who loves to travel to experience the distinct cultures and traditions of different places, sign up for bus tours in Kentucky. You will not regret this decision!
Why does Lexington in Kentucky attract tourists?
Lexington today is not only known for its culture but also for horses; do you know people call it the “horse capital of the world?” That’s because it boasts of 500 and more horse farms. For kids, a visit to the Kentucky Horse Park is a must.
Besides a tour of this horse park, you can enjoy the outdoors in a place like Lexington. Whether it’s the exciting hiking trails in Raven Run Nature Sanctuary or the Arboretum at the University of Kentucky, there’s plenty to do here.
And of course, there’s always something in Kentucky for the music lover. The iconic Bluegrass music wafts through this city, and, if you can plan it, do attend the yearly Bluegrass festival!
Unless you are a teetotaler, you will know that Kentucky is the home of bourbons. You can take a small tour of Bardstown, only a small distance away from Louisville. Book for the Bourbon Trail to get a glimpse of top-of-the-line distilleries!
All this becomes simple and doable when you don’t have to worry about driving around in your own car. Take advantage of bus tours in Lexington, KY and you will be able to cover all of these in record time.

How to book bus trips to Lexington, KY:

You already know why bus tours have so many takers; besides being convenient, they are highly affordable. So, if you are traveling in a large group or have a big family, bus tours make sense.
All you have to do is look for bur tour operators in this state. It is important to choose a service that caters to all kinds of age groups. If you can find a reputed bus tour operator like Sublime Tours, you can be sure of getting top-notch services.
You will find trips that will even provide hotel bookings and meals during the excursion. It is important to research well before you pay up. Accordingly, you can plan for an upcoming event.
Why are bus tours a better way to explore Kentucky?
For someone who doesn’t like to fly or drive long distances, bus tours are a much safer and more convenient option. Not only is everything taken care of by the operators, but you can use your time well too.
Whether it’s looking at the breathtaking sight outside your window or learning about different places and their history, the entire experience is enriching.
But tours are fun and filled with entertainment. You get to meet new people who may be traveling to this part of the world from different states or even foreign lands. The ambiance is relaxed and friendly; what’s more, you can strike up some great friendships on a bus!

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