Where To Stay In Malta?

Are you excited to find out where to stay when you visit Malta? Malta is a wonderful destination that’s perfect for sunny and warm holidays.

Malta lies between Sicily, North Africa and Malta. It is composed of three historic islands that have a rugged coastline and rock-cut salt pool. There are also honey-coloured streets and streets made from stone. Because of the sheer number of historical sites available, Malta is often called an open-air museum.

Valletta, the capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s not as popular as other historic cities like Rome and Athens. This makes it all the more exciting to explore these beautiful islands.

Spend the day in Valletta, visit the oldest structures ever built, take in the ancient temples, and then relax on the beach and eat local street food like kebabs or pastizzi.

Your stay in Malta will be unforgettable because of its beautiful beaches, amazing cities, affordable hotels, and fantastic weather. This guide will tell you where the best place to stay is in Malta.

Where To Stay In Malta Hotel or apartment?

The most important decision when you visit this beautiful archipelago is where to stay. It can make a huge difference in the type of holiday that you have. You won’t know where the end of one area ends, as it blends into another. Malta is more divided than clearly defined cities.

Why Stay In Valletta?

This area is surrounded by Baroque architecture and has a lot to offer in the way of cultural attractions. If you’re looking for the best restaurants, wine bars and cafes in Malta, this is the place to stay.

Valletta offers plenty of entertainment and is great for day trips.

Valletta is also a hub because it offers excellent transport facilities, including the bus terminus, and ferry services to Sliema, The Three Cities and even Sicily.

Valletta is a great choice for luxury and mid-range travellers. Valletta is home to many boutique hotels and 5-star luxury resorts. It can be difficult to find these during peak season so book early. This is an ideal base for those who want to indulge. Book your hotel in advance. Enjoy stunning views of Grand Harbor and Valletta from one of the most beautiful hotels in the capital.

Where To Stay In Valletta?

We have selected a selection of Valletta hotels and other accommodation options to fit your needs. These rooms are great for budget-minded travellers and have great reviews. They are also close to great restaurants, bars, and main attractions.

This 1920s-style hotel welcomes guests with live piano music in its lobby. It is situated in 7 acres of gardens and closes to Valletta’s City Gate Square’s Triton Fountain. This means you will be able to see the old city walls from your room. It is conveniently located next to the Valletta bus stop, making it ideal for anyone who wants to travel. It is located a short walk from the Grand Harbor and the Baraka Lift. The best part? This hotel offers a free shuttle service to the northern beaches, which is also available in summer.

Because the hotel is located centrally, it’s one of our top choices in Valletta. It’s only a 5-minute walk away from St John Cathedral. Are you arriving late? This accommodation also has a bar. You will find a lower-priced option in Valletta if you are looking for spacious accommodation

Why Stay In Sliema?

You can also stay north of Valletta in Sliema, which caters to all types of tourists and travellers. There are many budgets and mid-range hotel options. It also has excellent transport links. This is similar to Valletta, but with boat trips to Comino or Gozo.

Sliema, which is close to the coast, is a great place to stay. There are many promenades and walks along the beach. Sliema is an excellent place to stay in Malta. It’s quick and easy to reach Valletta by ferry. You can enjoy all the wealth of the capital but with affordable hotel rates in Sliema. You will never run out of things to do in Sliema. There are many restaurants and great shopping.

Sliema is a well-known tourist spot and caters to all its visitors. If you are visiting Malta for the first time and need excellent infrastructure to get around the archipelago, this is the place to stay. If you plan to rent a car, however, be aware that Sliema is not the best place for this. There is no public transportation to the Blue Grotto or Marsaxlokk fishing community on the southeast coast, nor the popular Dingli Cliffs or Hagar Qim Temples along the east coast.

Sliema is an ideal place to stay in Malta, as it’s only a short walk from many beaches. This area is ideal for walking along the beach. Take short trips from Sliema to other beaches for a sunny afternoon.

You may be wondering which one is better: Valletta or Sliema. Both are great places to stay in Malta. Valletta, Malta’s beautiful, baroque capital is ideal for luxury travellers and those who are more cosmopolitan. Sliema is a great place to visit for shopping, dining and bars.

Sliema: Where To Stay?

We have curated the top hotels for all budgets so that you can choose the best place in Sliema. Sliema is an excellent hub for all travellers, so you will find yourself in a wonderful location that’s perfect for holidays. Hotels in Sliema Malta is great option for stay.

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