Business travel in America is undergoing rapid changes.

While employee business travel trips can and do lead to many new opportunities, they can also be challenging and stressful for the employees. It can be a chance to close new business, strengthen current ties, or take in everything a new country offers. The process is also fraught with difficulties. Some of the post Covid issues that are now cropping up every now and then in various cities across the globe

Problems associated with business traveling 

Over 28 million bags are handled incorrectly annually, and 1.4 million bags are lost by airplanes. These figures may cause users to not carry sensitive official stuff or simply cause significant worry during travel.

Business travelers frequently plan their days to pack in as many things as possible. Although this has the potential to be highly effective and productive, it also complicates and stresses out the experience. With talent shortage visible in the entire supply chain of the industry, we are witnessing chaotic situations at airports, hotels, trains network with frequent strikes, missing luggage, software glitches and what not.

These occurrences might ruin a complete business trip. If a user has an important meeting and their flight is delayed for several hours, it could cause them to be late for the meeting if not miss it altogether.

There is lot of development happening on the transportation space, in particular cab hailing services that are frequently used by many business travelers in USA. 

Uber launches new feature for business travelers 

The ride-hailing giant Uber has unveiled several new goods and features for business travelers, wedding parties, and more to make it more convenient for consumers and address some of these business travel concerns. According to the business, users may now book trips for every leg of their journey using Uber Travel’s new capabilities.

The business is introducing a brand-new service called Uber Travel that can automatically schedule car service journeys for each component of a future trip, whether for work or pleasure.

To allow the Uber app’s algorithm access to impending flights, hotel stays, and restaurant reservations, users must link their Gmail accounts to their Uber accounts. Uber is offering a 10% bonus in the form of cash you may use in the Uber app for other services if you don’t like the notion of granting them access to your Gmail account.

With the Uber Charter function, Uber’s feature for parties aims to build on its long-standing interest in party buses. Customers organizing weddings, business trips, wine tastings, and other events requiring the transportation of several people are the target audience for this. These reservations can now be booked with upfront pricing through the Uber app. This summer, Uber Charter will debut “across the US.”

Uber is giving coupons if you want to pay for many Uber rides, say for your wedding guests. Customers can provide their visitors with a special code that they can use to reserve an already paid-for Uber journey. Vouchers are accessible to users of Uber for Business and Uber Eats delivery.

Uber is adding electric vehicles to its Comfort package, which is finer than UberX but less expensive than Uber Black. By 2030, the corporation wants to sell “100 percent” electric vehicles in North America. A new Comfort Electric offering is encouraging drivers to switch to EVs.

Only high-end EVs like the Tesla, Polestar, and Ford Mustang Mach-E for Comfort Electric journeys would be accepted. It will coexist with the business’s other electric vehicle (EV) product, Uber Green, which charges drivers an additional price (often $1) for using EVs. San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Dubai are the current cities where Comfort Electric is offered, with other cities following soon.

With other players working on AI assisted algorithms – there is lot of new development coming for the corporates on the employee car rental solutions. Business Travel in US normally sees new developments first globally, but other countries in Europe or Asia Pacific are quick to leapfrog onto newer technologies or simply take a quantum jump in their infrastructure that helps them to adopt reliable technology faster rather than going thru the excruciating process of trying and facing the pitfalls of the various stages of development.

Prime Air Global Corp has been leveraging travel technology to offer its business travel clients in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific and has done enough investments on its ERP platform to manage global fulfilment and manage the services.

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