Few lines About Essential Tremor

Essential tremors occur due to neurology disorders. A person troubled with essential tremor feels his body parts shaking involuntarily. These rhythmic movements often trouble the hands of the person anytime. They find it impossible to hold even a glass of water because of trembling. They are unable to write or do any work fast and perfectly.

Essential tremor in medical terms can’t be stated as a serious health problem however it is quite annoying for many people. Sometimes it reduces and in many cases, it worsens as time passes by. There are medical treatments that are helpful to reduce tremors. In CA, you can consult the best-skilled doctors practicing in South Valley Neurology health care. You are sure to be relieved from your neurology health problems.

Essential tremor symptoms:

  • The rhythmic shaking starts slowly in one part of the body mostly in the legs or hands. If left untreated gradually it can be experienced in half of the body.
  • The complications are more when the person moves a lot.
  • It will mostly affect one or both hands. The person realizes their hands shaking non-stop.

The cause is mainly neurological disorders and mental health problems like depression. Sometimes old age is also one of the triggering key for experiencing essential tremors. Many people confuse essential tremors with Parkinson’s tremors. This is because both kinds of neurological disorders and the symptoms are almost the same.

The difference between the Parkinson’s tremors and the Essential tremors:

  • The essential tremors occur mainly when you use your hands however Parkinson’s tremors occur mostly when the hands are at rest.
  • Parkinson’s tremors are a symptom of Parkinson’s ailment thus leading to many grave health problems. The person feels stiffness and is unable to balance the body while walking. However, essential tremors aren’t a serious problem other than being quite frustrating as the hands shake and the person is unable to walk steadily.
  • Essential tremors are mainly affecting hands, legs and in rare cases the head. Parkinson’s tremors can affect the hands, legs, facial parts like jaw and chin.

The major cause for experiencing essential tremors because of altered DNA. Another risk factors are inherited gene. Many say it can be like family tremor that can be stated an autosomal dominant disorder. It means, you can inherit from one of your parents or your close relatives like grandparents.

Essential tremors aren’t a severe medical problem however prove to be quite embarrassing and troublesome. The person finds it difficult to dress, hold things in their hands, tie up their shoe laces and eventually remains frustrated the whole day. The good part is the tremors lessen when the hands and legs are at rest.

The tremors can be an issue due to excessive alcohol consumption, irregular intake of food and inadequate rest. Sometimes the cooling of the person’s arms by keeping them pressed under your pillow or resting the hands for longer hours triggers the tremors. The neurologists are the best professionals to consult to get relief from essential tremors.

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