Serverwala Review: Trusted, Fast, and Affordable Dedicated Server India


An important but time-consuming task would be website management. Being an entrepreneur requires you to stay current on a variety of topics. To reduce this burden, you could choose a trustworthy web hosting company to handle the demanding administrative tasks. There are several service providers in the industry who can help you accomplish this. 

One of the easiest ways to increase productivity is by purchasing an Indian dedicated server. Business owners benefit from full authorization, heavy security, and quick processing times. A Dedicated Server India could effectively manage your website’s high traffic levels without malfunctioning. Due to their cost effectiveness, shared servers are where most businesses begin.

However, this approach may rapidly seem unfit for addressing tasks that are far more challenging. Additionally, limiting the storage or security standards slows down the website.

A dedicated server in India, on the other end, easily addresses all of the prior issues. 

As a standalone server, you have access to management, backup, independence, and protection. With the help of this post, you will be better prepared to choose a Cheap Dedicated server India for your company.

Let’s begin.

How Does Dedicated Server Can Help Your Website in India?

There are several reasons why a dedicated server is necessary, but a higher-performing site is perhaps the most crucial one. It is a server that is only used by one user. Your expectations can be fulfilled while receiving the best results from an Indian dedicated server. It is your greatest option in the current digital world to achieve the highest results. 

Your website will operate quickly and effectively after the upgrade. The adaptability, dependability, scalability, as well as security essential for top performance, are offered by a dedicated server India. While this is underway, it provides suitable value to give you control over the resources.

Serverwala Provides a Trusted, Fast, and Affordable Dedicated Server India

Located in India, Serverwala is a website hosting data center. They have a proven track record of providing clients from various industries and areas with services that are at the forefront of their business. Considering that it was founded in 2015, they had thoroughly enjoyed the long stay. 

Most users and clients agree that Serverwala’s customer assistance is its most significant feature. With their innovative and cutting-edge services and assistance, they have seen rapid success. This achievement is won by offering web hosting packages for dedicated servers in India that are both efficient and economical, ranging from entry-level to advanced ones.

Following a brief overview of the hosting provider, let’s consider the variables that are most essential to us and that can contribute to your website’s growing traffic.

Factors that Can Help Your Increasing Website Traffic –

– Fast page loading speed

India-based dedicated servers are among the top choices for fast loading speed in web hosting. Although there are several justifications for this, the benefit of dependable connectivity is the clearest. You can be confident that Serverwala will provide you with the broadest choice of services available when you select them as your provider. According to your requirements, dedicated hosting in India is available with customizable memory, CPUs, as well as other hardware elements.

– Best Resources 

As the dedicated server guarantees dedicated resources that are exclusively yours, it guarantees greater resource allocation for your website. By using your India Dedicated Server’s administrative privileges, you can control all of the activities and functionalities on your server. Having extra resources is not a concern. With the Best Dedicated Server in India, you will receive high-standard resources. 

– High Traffic Management 

The service agreement that comes with a dedicated server provides maximum productivity and growth. By ensuring that their customers receive the highest degree of service possible, a good service provider offers the best help for handling high traffic levels. There will be no other users present because a dedicated server offers a private working space. Most clients could relax knowing they’ll obtain the greatest outcomes available. The business can run at fast speeds thanks in part to a premium bandwidth. Clients will also be capable of picking the resources they require.

– Secure and Reliable 

On a budget-friendly dedicated server, the database is secured by data encryption. The general safety of the server demands that this action be taken. Most business owners need to reassure their customers that their private information would be kept private. So that the entire database may be protected, the server will deal with a manageable process. The functional efficiency of such marked elements needs to be as high as is practical.

Users can protect critical and valuable data on websites using security mechanisms provided by best dedicated server India, like DDoS protection, encryption techniques, security software, and antivirus programs.

– 24/7 Customer Support 

For smooth connectivity, dedicated servers India are linked to the top networks around the globe. By using your India Dedicated Server’s access permissions, you can control all of the activities and functionalities on your server. Additionally, having exclusive customer support available 24-7 can help users find solutions to recurring problems if they pop up unexpectedly.

Key-Features of Cheap Dedicated server India By Serverwala

-Premium Bandwidth 

With speeds ranging from 100 Mb/s to GBPS, Serverwala offers premium bandwidth.

-Hardware RAID

Serverwala’s dedicated bare metal servers may support RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 10.

-Private VLAN Subnets

Your ability to create private server clusters utilizing 10Gbps VLAN subnets depends on your choice of the best and most affordable dedicated server hosting.

-IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Your website receives a special IP address from the dedicated server India, as you are aware. Your website’s IP address does not have to be disclosed to other websites. A single IPv4 and IPv6 address can also be obtained for your website using the company’s dedicated server.

-Service Level Agreement

As per SLA the technical support for customers is available around the clock from Serverwala’s skilled and knowledgeable staff. If you have any questions or would like more information, you can always contact Serverwala professionals.

Customer Opinion about Dedicated Server India

A sensible financial decision, says 


“The variety of options available on the market can be confusing when searching for a dedicated servers provider. Due to how expensive this service was, I was instantly hesitant to select it. However, as soon as I read about Serverwala’s mission, all of my worries disappeared. It is undoubtedly a pricey solution, but consider the advantages and disadvantages first because my business has discovered it to be reasonably cost-effective.”


Due to the traffic growth, a dedicated server hosting service is a wonderful option for anyone looking to grow and advance their business. It makes it easier for your website to utilize the tools and setting that it needs. When estimating the dedicated server’s importance, take into account the following factors:

  • Computing Power
  • Amount of Bandwidth
  • Backups and secure storage

The advantages and freedom of a dedicated server India are quite well worth the investment, helping you to compete in expanding online in other business sectors. Additionally, the dedicated server in India by Serverwala will assist in building the most affordable cloud architecture for your business.

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