Why Motherboard Sales are Expected to Drop in 2022

With the advancement of technology, motherboards have become a high demanding device for computer users, IT professionals, and gamers. The device is considered the most important circuit in the computer, and your system would not be able to function at its fullest unless equipped with the right motherboard. But, according to the sources, the sales of motherboards are expected to drop 30% in 2022. Why is it so? Let’s find out. 

A Downward Slope

After a golden age in 2020, computer peripherals such as PC screens are observing a downward slope. Also, the computer market is expecting a slow decline after several years of the latest generation GPUs, CPUs, and motherboards for both entertainment and professional use. 

According to Digi Times, the major manufacturers of motherboards, such as MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock, are expecting a gloomy 2022, specifically when it comes to the PC gaming segment. All these Taiwanese giants are expecting that the overall PC and motherboard sales will experience a break, having 321.1 million units sold globally. 


The madness that gripped crypto miners and gamers has gone as the companies have increased prices to the record highest. Users, crypto miners, and gamers are no longer willing to spend thousands of US$ on buying computer accessories and parts associated with it. Currently, the reaction could not be more vicious.

One of the major reasons behind this situation is; that people have not yet reestablished the Covid crisis all over the globe. Moreover, the war tensions between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the increasing inflation with every passing day, have made situations even worse. 

All these mentioned factors are causing the computer market to go through an expectable depression era. The worst part is every major manufacturer of computer hardware parts is suffering from the situation, and their sales have never been this low in recent years. 

The Current Situation 

When the demand for computer accessories started to take flight back in 2020, the IT and computer brands, mainly Taiwanese, made huge cash. Also, when the miners started mining crypto during the Covid days, the companies thrived. Though these days, there are not many users who are interested in mining crypto, and people are not into building PCs for gaming. That is the reason Taiwanese brands are revising their scenarios for 2022.

According to the sources, the sales figures of ASRock, Asus, MSI, and gigabyte dropped by 20% – 30%. Currently, Gigabyte and Asus have reduced their projected shipments of motherboards such as GAH110D3A from 18 million and 9 million to 14 and 9 million. In addition, the manufacturers are decreasing their forecasts and should take care of extreme stock ranges.

Mostly, gaming PCs use GPUs and motherboards designed by Taiwanese producers, which we have mentioned above. These brands are among several major recipients of PC market growth and the cryptocurrency mining enthusiasm so they restrained hopes for 2022.

Shipments of Motherboards Forecasts according to Digi Times

2019 Shipments2021 ShipmentsRevised 2022 Projection2022 Preliminary Projection
Gigabyte?13 million9 million?
ASUS16.4 million18+ million14 million18+ million

Major PC manufacturers, including HP, Dell, and Lenovo, anticipate experiencing dropping demand. Although, Taiwanese corporations will experience significantly additional. In the past, they have benefited from the high costs of GPUs and substantially raised the costs of mainboards used by gamers. As the demand is low these days due to geopolitical uncertainties, and inflation, their gross sales decline will be extremely vital. 

On the data server/center side of matters, major brands such as Nvidia, Intel, and AMD, will continue to get an advantage from demand for their devices as expenditure on the structure because of ongoing AI, 5G, and HPC megatrends will last to be durable for even years ahead. Similarly, Gigabyte and ASRock, which provide several data center devices such as GV-N1030D5-2GL, will continue to prosper.

Ending Words

Major Taiwanese computer brands are facing some issues regarding their sales due to the prevalent situation. But it is expected the sales to increase next year when the geopolitical situation gets better. We hope that you enjoyed this post. Stay in touch with us to get more updates.

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