Benefits of Alum for skin

Alum is a natural compound that has been used for centuries to keep the skin healthy. The effects of this white solid are seen on skin as well as hair. The common use of alum is as an astringent and topical antibacterial compound. 

Many skin imperfections are naturally healed and overcame by the help of alum. The application is quite simple as well. You can use it directly to your wet skin or may dilute it in water by dissolving and rinse your skin with it. Let’s explore all the benefits that alum has in store for your skin. 

  • Skin tightening 
  • Wrinkle remover 
  • Vanishing acne scars 
  • Brightening effect 
  • Natural deodorant 
  • After shave 
  • Oil absorbent 
  • Treating cracked heels

Skin tightening 

Loose skin is one of the most bothersome ageing effect for people. If your skin sags down you instantly start looking older and tired. Alum can fix this problem by its ability to make your skin tighten. It brings the loosen pores closer and allows you to have shiny and glowy skin just after using it for a few times. 

Wrinkle remover 

Smile lines, wrinkles and fine lines are all the most minor but noticeable characteristic of one’s skin. If you want your skin to look young and flawless, alum is the best treatment for you. It tightens your skin and vanishes your fine lines, making it look all glowing and bouncy. 

Vanishing Acne scars 

Alum is also known for its brightening properties. In old times, women used it as a lightening treatment. If there are any acne scars bothering you, you can rub a piece of Alum on your scars and rinse your face after a few minutes. You will feel the difference in a few uses. 

Brightening effect

Since the cars can be treated, so can be the blemishes and darkened areas. It is also beneficial for you to use Alum for brightening the darker skin patches such as the elbow or the underarms. Alum washes away the dead cells and kills all the hidden bacteria in a simple application and rinse. 

Natural deodorant

Alum itself has no scent or odor. But it is proven to be quite beneficial for people who have smelly areas of their skin. You can rub this in the areas of greater sweat and there will be no odor all day long.  Make sure you blunt or smoothen the surface of the stoned alum before using it on the skin for avoiding any cuts. 

Oil Absorbent 

The drying properties of alum work on all parts of the skin. It absorbs all the excess oil off your face, which not only leaves it feeling fresh but also helps in the case of acne and black heads. The oil attracts all the dirt and dust from the environment. This deposits on your ace not he form of black heads and puss. 

Treats Cracked Heels

With many other miracles of alum, one is healing cracked heels. Alum encourages the formation of new class along with the foliation of the dead skin. It also helps in keeping the germs away which makes the healing process faster. It is also noticed that alum reduced the future reoccurrences of cracked heels. 

Blackhead scrub 

Being a natural product alum has no side effects for using it anywhere on your skin. You can use it as a facial scrub to remove all the black and white heads from your face. 

Consult a doctor 

To understand more about what is beneficial for your skin, consult a dermatologist. If you are concerned about finding a good doctor go to Ocladoc. You can easily find skin specialist in Karachi and all across Pakistan. 

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