Factors That Can Double the Price of Diamond Jewelry

Price is the main thing that people look at while buying a diamond ring or bracelet. Diamond’s price fluctuates greatly with time. Many factors determine the price of diamonds such as quality, certification, shape, and cuts.

Many couples do not have a thorough idea of the cuts and shapes. As a result, many people have to pay a heavy price for a simple ring without a beautiful shape or cut. If you have decided to purchase a diamond ring for your engagement, it is necessary to consider many factors.

In this blog, we will discuss the different factors that affect the price of diamond jewelry. We will also discuss tips to get the best diamond jewelry at a reasonable rate.

Important Factors That Determine the Price of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond price changes due to changes in several factors such as cuts, carats, and shapes. Now, we will discuss the different factors that affect the price of diamond jewelry in the below section:

1. Shape of The Diamond

Different shapes of diamonds determine the price of the jewelry. Many people think that diamond cut and shape are the same. But these terms are different from each other. The cut of the diamond is how the diamond reflects the light. On the other hand, the shape is the geometric shape of the diamond.

While designing a diamond ring, you will get the options of many shapes such as the oval, princess, and emerald. Price of diamond rings changes with the shape. You have to pay heavy prices for diamond rings with shapes such as princess and marquise. You can decide the shape of the ring with your fiancé by asking at a local jewelry store or showroom. 

2. Carat of A Diamond

Another important factor to see is the carat. Diamond prices will increase with more carats in diamond jewelry. Carat is the weight of the diamond in jewelry. This is the most important factor in determining the price of the diamond.

Many diamond manufacturers decide the price of a diamond according to its carat size. Another important thing to mark in a carat is a round number. Round numbers have additional value in the jewelry market. A diamond ring with a 1.0-carat diamond is more expensive than a ring with a 0.9-carat diamond.

3. Diamond Fluorescence

The next factor that affects the price of a diamond is its fluorescence. The term fluorescence is how a diamond works in UV light. Most diamonds give a blue light when exposed to UV light. Diamonds with good fluorescence generally cost more than normal diamonds.

If the diamonds have a milky appearance when exposed to UV light, they have fewer prices. These diamonds are made in labs.

4. Girdle of The Diamond

One of the important parts that determine the price of a diamond is its girdle. The term girdle is the portion that divides the crown and pavilion of the diamond. Girdles can be very thick or thin and affect the reflection of the diamonds.

Thin girdles cause chipping in diamonds while thin girdles make diamonds look smaller than the actual size. Diamonds with thick girdles have more prices than the ones with thin girdles.

5. Color of The Diamond

You must have heard about the 4 Cs of a diamond. There are several categories of colors in diamonds starting from D to J colors. Some diamonds are colorless while some diamonds are very colorless.

Diamonds that are very colorless fall in categories such as D and E. These diamonds are very expensive and have a beautiful shine. On the other hand, the diamonds that fall in the J category have lower prices. If you have a limited budget, go for the diamonds with J category for your diamond rings. If you are only into colored diamonds, an enhanced diamond sparkler such as a blue diamond ring might fit your requirement.

6. Certification of Diamonds

Many characteristics help in knowing the price of a diamond. Some of the best gemological institutions in the world like GIA issue certifications after looking at various factors of a diamond. These factors include weight, carat, cut, shape, polish, and stone proportions. The quality of the stone is also one of the most important factors in evaluating the price of diamonds.

When buying any diamond bracelet or ring, it is necessary to look at the certification of diamonds. Many people do not consider certifications and go for cheap quality diamonds. You must choose diamond jewelry that contains GIA certification or any other institute’s certification. Diamonds with certification are authentic and have more prices than uncertified diamonds.

7. Spread of Diamond

The spread of a diamond means the measurement of a stone in millimeters. Most buyers do not look at the spread of a diamond and go only for carat weight while buying diamond jewelry. But it is also important to consider some other factors in stone such as the flatness and depth of the diamond. Diamonds that have deep cuts have lower prices than those with narrow cuts. You can ask about the spread of diamonds to your jewelry designers.

8. Culet of Diamond

The next factor on the list that affects the price of a diamond is its culet. Diamond’s culet is nothing but the pointed tip at the bottom of the stone. The Angles of the pavilion touch the pointed culet of the diamond. They also stop light from escaping from the stone to give a bright shine.

Diamonds with no or small culet grades have more prices than diamonds with large culets. You must look at the culet of the diamond while buying diamond jewelry.

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Final Words

Buying diamond jewelry is a one-time decision for any person. If you want to buy a real diamond ring or bracelet for your special day, look at the above factors. These factors will help you to pick the rich quality diamond stones.

If you have any confusion related to diamonds, it is better to ask your jewelry designer. You can also visit the nearest jewelry store to get knowledge of factors that affect the price of diamonds.

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