4 Online Background Removal Tools/Websites

Need to remove background from a photo online but don’t know how to do it? You can achieve your goal with the help of several online background removal tools. In this article, we will share some online background removal tools/websites that will let you remove background in few seconds. Some of the sites are free and some are paid depending on the output quality they give.

There are hundreds of sites/tools that allow background removal but we have filtered the best from them. In hundreds of sites, some allow only plain background removal, some with few items background removal, and some allow complicated images for removal process. Below are top 4 online tools for background remove of any image.

  1. Depositphotos

It is one of the most popular photo deposit website that is offering its users the background removal service. It works on neural network to analyze the image items, remove background and give result within 20 seconds. You just need to visit and upload your photo. The tool allows only JPG or PNG format images and maximum image size of 15MBs. The best thing about depositphoto is it is totally free and the output image is without watermark. Moreover, the output quality is high without reducing the resolution and pixels.


  • PNG and JPG format allowed
  • Maximum of 15MB file size
  • Output image is without watermark
  • Free to use no signup required
  • Give result within 20 seconds
  • Unlimited background removal allowed

RemoveBg automatically analyzes the uploaded photo and removes the background. It allows you to completed remove the background and you can replace it with any other photo or simple color. The website/tool is totally free to use and doesn’t require any signup to process the images. You can remove background of unlimited images, there is no restriction or limitation for their users.


  • Simple and ease to use interface
  • Drag and drop feature included
  • No signup or registration required
  • Unlimited images can be processed
  • Remove background within 10 seconds
  1. Canva

The third tool is Canva that is offering it’s user different graphic designing features. It allows to create layers and work on them using unique online features. Among these features, it also allow you to remove background of any complicated or simple image. The module works automatically, no action is required except clicking and uploading the image. It is a paid tool but also works for free but put some limitations on the features you can perform.


  • Multiple graphic design features available
  • Complicated and simple image background removal
  • Free to use but with limitations
  • In paid version full access is given to all features
  • Remove background within 15 seconds
  1. PhotoScissors

The last one is PhotoScissors that is automatic photo editor tool. It allow users to remove background within 10 seconds of upload. The only thing that makes it to the last is sometimes it broke the image or not fully capture the items inside the image which result in incorrect background remove. But the good thing is you can fix it easily with the smart editor on left side. It is fast to process the images but fixing of images takes time which most of us don’t like. We have listed it here because it is free to use without signup and unlimited backgrounds can be removed. Furthermore, it allows JPG, PNG, and WEBP format images and maximum of 10MB file size.


  • Offers simple drag and drop
  • Allow JPG, PNG, and WEBP file format
  • Maximum of 10MB file size
  • Process image within 10 seconds
  • Smart Editor on left side to fix any further issue

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