Top Five Investments to Make in the New Year

Now that we can finally put 2022 soundly behind us, many of us are happy to welcome the clear slate that 2023 brings with it.  However, with that fresh outlook comes some risks and uncertainty.  To say that a lot of us investors are nervous going forward is probably an understatement, considering just how much the markets have been fluctuating lately.

This raises the question: what are assets that seem to be rather sound selections for the coming year?  That is what I will be discussing with you today.  So – if this is something that you are curious about, stick around!  You do not need to be an expert on investing – this can be a useful guide for anyone.

One: Real Estate

First up on our list is one that has not exactly been left unnoticed in the press.  Sure, we are not exactly in the boom that we saw in 2022, as you can read about on this page, but things are hardly looking down for real estate.  I would argue that having a cooling market is probably one of the better times to start investing, anyway! 

Why is that?  Well, if you have ever heard the phrase “buy low sell high,” this is an excellent example of putting that into practice.  Essentially, we can take advantage of the cooling market to purchase properties and prepare them to be listed at a later date when things are booming again!

The only thing that I would say to keep in mind for this strategy is that buying real estate is a big commitment and is going to be a lot of work no matter what your plans for it are.  So, if that is not something that appeals to you, this might not be something to pursue.  Otherwise, it seems to be worth it right now!

Two: Savings Bonds

When you were younger, did you ever have a well-meaning relative (for me it was my grandmother) present you with an envelope at Christmas or for your birthday, promising some cash inside?  Then, when you opened it, you were met with…a strange piece of paper.  It is an experience that I remember quite vividly, mostly because of my disappointment about it in the end.  

Of course, when I was seven or so, I had no idea what a bond was – let alone how useful it would become in the future.  Most of us felt that way if we received one.  Now that we are all grown up, though, hopefully we can understand why it is a gift to be appreciated.  This page, , does a pretty good job of explaining it if you are not familiar.

Just know that even though some folks have lost some faith in the United States treasury, the low prices that we are seeing right now mean that it is a good time to invest in some savings bonds.  You will find that they will pay off in the years to come, that is for sure!

Three: Precious Metals

Seasoned investors in my audience will probably not find this to be overly shocking.  Really, you will be hard-pressed to find a year in which these precious metals are not recommended by most financial experts.  Why is that, though?  What secret do they hold?

In truth, there is no extra special secret.  Rather, it is pretty easy to understand why they hold value.  They are rare and have many uses in our everyday lives, even if we do not realize it.  The four that may be a good idea to remember in particular are gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.  Each varies in terms of its value.

If you do want to get to know those differences a bit better, you could consider consulting with a precious metals expert who has years of experience in the market.  They may also be able to assist with matters such as what metal you should invest in and what bullion will have the most long-lasting worth.  Both are important considerations for anyone looking to dip their toes into this industry, after all.

Four: Certain Stocks

For this entry, I would like to immediately note that there are many caveats to bear in mind.  Please note that I am not suggesting that you go out and purchase any old stock that you see.  Rather, you should always do your research and check out previous performance years for the companies that you are considering.

Another note there is that if you are ever feeling uncertain about it, then it might be a good idea to take a step back and not dive into a huge investment right away.  Purchasing a small percentage of a business to test the waters is typically a solid approach, as you can see on this web page:  

As long as you exercise some caution, then it should work out okay.  Spread out across a few different industries for better chances of success. 

Five: Sustainable Infrastructure

To finish out this list, I would like to end on a note that I find hopeful – and you probably will as well.  This category spreads across a few different markets, which is why I have allowed it its own section as opposed to lumping it in somewhere else.  Essentially, it is a class of assets that can be considered “green” or “environmentally friendly.”  

Eco friendly and renewable resources are looking to be some of the better investments to consider making for 2023.  More countries across the world are joining into the global initiative to reduce our harmful carbon emissions and to hopefully help to reduce the harmful effects of global warming.  It makes sense that individual investors are trying to get a slice of this pie as well!

At the end of the day, though, take this list for what it is: a suggestion.  If nothing here appeals to you, there are other ways that you can start to invest and get involved.

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