6 Best Ways To Make Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet Better

Tablets intrigue users as they offer the best of both worlds – the viewing comfort of a laptop and the compactness of a smartphone. We can say that tablets strike the ideal balance between performance and portability. A Samsung Galaxy tablet, for instance, offers you the ultimate processing power and a vibrant display in a sleek and light form factor.

Samsung has been one of the pioneers in the tablet industry. From affordable models in the Tab A Series to flagship tablets in the S Series, Samsung has its entire range of customers mapped out to perfection. So, whatever your budget is, you can choose from various great Samsung tablets.

Samsung tablets are for everyone

Pick a premium Samsung Galaxy tablet from the S Series. You can get a device with 12 GB RAM, an AMOLED display that rivals the best laptops, and terrific processing capabilities.

On the other hand, tablets in the Samsung Galaxy A Series are for budget users. These tablets come at affordable prices while providing an unmatched user experience. A Samsung Galaxy tablet from the A Series packs a long-lasting battery, ample onboard storage, and has exceptional build quality.

Performance issues in Samsung Galaxy tablets 

Like all electronic devices, a Samsung Galaxy tablet is also prone to suffer from performance issues from time to time. With prolonged usage and poor maintenance, you may have noticed that your Samsung Galaxy tablet is not working as smoothly as it did before. Maybe it is heating up while you play games or causing jerks in HD videos? 

While most tablets are susceptible to these problems, getting things on track is quite easy.

Read on if you want to get the best out of your Samsung Galaxy tablet. Here are six ways you can boost the performance of your tablet if it is suffering from lagging or heating issues.

6 Ways to Make your Samsung Galaxy tablet work better

  1. Watch Out for Overheating

If your Samsung Galaxy tablet heats up every time you run a game or try to multitask, there are ways around the situation. Check for external signs of battery damage or bloating. If the battery looks fine, avoid using the tablet while being charged. Also, always remove your tablet from its case before charging it. You can also reduce your camera settings, uninstall unwanted apps, and check if this solves the heating issue. 

  1. Never Miss Out on Updates

Most of us are rather careless when regularly updating our tablets which is one of the major reasons behind the performance issues of your Samsung Galaxy tablet. Since manufacturers load each update with new security and optimisation features, turning the automatic updates option ‘on’ is good. Updating your tablet is easy to get brand-approved software fixes and boost performance.

  1. Always Clear the Cache 

Periodically clearing the cache of your Samsung Galaxy tablet can make your device unbelievably faster. Since cache memory accumulates with usage, it is likely to impede the processing capacity and slow down your tablet over time. Go to the settings and clear the cache – you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

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  1. Memory Management

RAM optimization is a serious matter when you use your Samsung Galaxy tablet. Using multiple apps simultaneously and leaving them open in the background consumes a lot of RAM, hampering the tablet’s performance. To avoid this, ensure that you close all applications that you are not using at the time. 

  1. Try Safe Mode

The super cool way of troubleshooting is running your Samsung Galaxy tablet in Safe Mode. It will shut down all third-party applications and processes. If your tablet is working fine in Safe Mode, the source of trouble is an external application. You have to identify and delete the offending third-party app to remove the root cause of the issue.

  1. Get Rid of Malware

A sudden spike in pop-ups and advertisements can signify that your tablet has malware, a common problem with many tablets. The source of malware can even be an installed application. You can easily track and remove malware from your Samsung Galaxy tablet by downloading a reputed antivirus client from Google Play Store. If you cannot open Google Play Store due to malware, try a factory reset of the device. 

Summary: A Samsung Galaxy tablet will introduce you to a world of information and fun. While Samsung tablets are the ultimate devices these days, they occasionally suffer from performance-related issues. If your Samsung tablet is heating up or slowing down, you need not worry or bang your head (or your tablet) against the wall. The chances are that you will be able to resolve the problem on your own. Here are six invaluable tips that will surely help you restore your tablet to its best.

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