Hidden costs of running an eCommerce website

So many costs go into opening an e-commerce website, so you must make preparations before you embark on this journey. In this article, you will have a list of potential costs that you may need to spend in order to get a business up and running online.

Select Hosting

Even if you choose to use WordPress, everything is not going to be free. You have to purchase a hosting plan so that you can place your website online. The packages have a wide range of prices, and they can be as little as $2 with the most expensive being about $200 per month.

You must choose your plan according to the amount of traffic that you expect to visit your website each month; it also depends on how much content you will add to the site. You might be able to obtain a discount if you pay for a hosting plan for the year. You can also save money by choosing platforms that provide hosting for free. Examples are Wix and Shopify.

The Security Seal

People are not going to trust your website if you do not have an SSL certificate. This certificate lets your customers know that they can enter their financial information without fear that this data will be stolen. Depending on the company you choose, you may pay $100 each year for the certificate, but other companies may charge more than that. To lower your costs, pay for the greatest number of years as you possibly can.

Credit Card Processing

Customers prefer to pay with their credit cards or debit cards, and if you cannot make it easy for them to do so, they will choose to purchase from a company that will. This requires that you have a gateway and a merchant center. For example, the option that you choose will charge you a fee between 2.5% and 3% per transaction. You might be able to find a free one, but others are much more expensive at $25 a month or more. These companies also charge a fee to accept the transaction, and that may be between 10 cents and 30 cents. These fees appear to be tiny right now, but they will add up, so consider each one carefully before you select one.

Plugins and Apps

You may want to personalize your website with plugins or apps. Some plugins and apps are free, but you may have to purchase the ones you believe that you must have. The first thing you must do is look for a free option. If you can’t find one, then look for a paid alternative. You may be charged a fee between $50 and $500, but it will only be a one-time fee. You can also choose to pay a monthly fee between $10 and $30. Be aware of how many plugins and apps you add because these will add up as well.

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