How to Choose Quality Wedding Jewellery

When choosing your wedding jewellery, keep these few tips in mind. Try to match the metal of your wedding jewellery with your dress. Don’t pick too many sparkles. Avoid the temptation to choose more than you need. Choose gemstones that compliment your dress. And avoid wearing statement necklaces! Listed below are some tips on how to select quality wedding jewellery. 


Consider the colour

There are many types of metals, including white gold and yellow gold. You may be wondering which metal would look better on you. There are more than two types of metal, but gold and silver are the most common. You can choose a flattering colour for your skin by selecting a gemstone with a similar undertone. For example, a blue gemstone will make you look more youthful and enviable. Check Mihran Ordkian, the master jeweller at Ordekian Jewellery, to understand the different colours available.


Choosing gemstones

When selecting a gemstone for your engagement ring or wedding band, you should consider the colour, saturation, and tone. Colour is a relative measure of the depth of the gem’s hue and ranges from very light to very dark. When choosing gemstones, the highest saturation is considered the most valuable. However, the darker the colour, the less valuable it is.


The toughness and hardness of gemstones will determine their durability. Choosing gemstones that are resistant to scratching and abrasion is essential. For everyday wear, diamonds and sapphires are the most durable gemstones. On the other hand, pearls and emeralds are more fragile and should be worn with care. 


The hardness and colour of gemstones can play a significant role in choosing a ring. You might want to consider a pink gemstone, like Morganite, because the pink shade is relatively affordable for engagement rings. Ruby red is an intense, daring colour for an engagement ring, and it is also considered regal. A quality ruby should last almost as long as a diamond. 


Statement necklaces

Choosing a statement necklace is a great way to add a personal touch to any outfit. A bold piece can spruce up a simple dress or make a casual outfit look sophisticated. But be careful: if not coordinated correctly, it can turn your outfit into a disaster. A statement necklace looks best with an outfit that is simple but elegant. 


When choosing a statement-making necklace, consider your neckline. While a bib necklace is one of the most popular and versatile statement-making pieces, it can easily clash with a collared gown. The right style of bib-necked wedding jewellery should complement the rest of the outfit. A bib necklace should sit above the neckline and sit under the bust, while a long one fits over the chest. If you wear a crop top, a longer necklace will be better, as it will look proportionate.


Choosing earrings according to your skin tone

When choosing gemstones for your bridal jewellery, your skin tone will determine the most flattering combinations. Cool skin tones go well with blue, purple, and red gemstones. While warm tones look good with green and white metals, blue, green, and red are best matched with cool skin. You can also choose between white gold and silver for your wedding band. However, if you’re undecided, try a combination of both to find the perfect look.


Generally, white gold will look great against cool skin tones, and yellow and rose gold will look good on warm skin tones. And since neutral skin colours can also look beautiful with any gold. You can always bend the rules to suit your tastes.


Aside from the colour of the stones, it would be best to consider the metal. It would be best to choose the metal that complements your skin tone. To determine your skin tone, take a look at the colour of the veins on the inside of your arm. If they’re too dark or too light, the wrong jewellery will clash. If you have a neutral skin tone, you should choose gold or bronze.


Bright, shiny colours work well for dark skin, while yellow and warm undertones look best on lighter skin. The same applies to diamonds and other gemstones: the warmer and shinier the diamonds, the better. If you’re in doubt, check out the various combinations of yellow and orange diamonds and gold, and don’t forget to experiment with different colours! It’s essential to find the right combination of colours and metals so you can wear a stunning bridal jewellery set.


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