7 Orient Watches That You Should Be in Your Collection

The Orient Watch has been a household name in the watchmaking industry for many years. Many watchmakers are still trying to equal Orient Watch’s level of success and quality with their clocks. Outstanding mechanical watches are the most well-known product of this company, and it has been making high-quality automatic timepieces with in-house movements for decades. Today, many watch manufacturers are still attempting to reach the success and benchmark set by Orient Watch.

In-house movements have been used for a long time to produce high-grade automatic clocks. Since its first watch shop was founded in Tokyo in 1901 by Shogoro Yoshida, the corporation can lay claim to its earliest ancestor. The Orient Watch Company has been making watches since 1951. A more affordable alternative to the more expensive Orient designs is the Orient collections, which feature more traditional, classic pieces. Then again, they also have a wide variety of more expensive watches.

  • Orient Bambino Generation Version III

The Bambino is a famous watch from the Orient. Generations in Bambino refer to the game’s ability to move. Bambino Orient’s F6722 caliber, part of the 2nd Generation category, features an automatic hacking movement with 40 hours of power reserve. Version III refers to the face design of the tablet computer. The dial is simple, but it has a few nuances. You can see the sunburst’s stunning play of color with proper lighting. The sides of the domed crystal have a little blurring effect, giving the watch a different appearance depending on the viewing angle. This watch has the perfect mix of old-world charm and clean, contemporary lines.

  • Orient Kamasu Dive Watch

The Kamasu, Orient’s latest entry in their long line of entry-level dive gear, was introduced in 2019. The Kamasu, a 41-meter diving watch that can show the date and the time, has several different watch faces available. Adding sapphire crystals to the Kamasu elevates it above simpler models like the Ray and Mako. 


On this foundation, Orient has developed a wide range of high-quality diving watches. A 40-hour power reserve and a 120-click bezel are also incorporated, as is the F6922 automatic movement. Traditionally reserved for more expensive models, the Mako’s streamlined stick markers now include all the bells and whistles often found on more expensive versions.

  • Orient Mako II

The Orient Mako II is one of the company’s best-known timepieces and is available in various styles. In addition, it is one of the most popular diving watches on the market. Individuals looking for a classic-looking diver’s watch might choose this watch. This timepiece exudes sportiness. It features a flexible rotating bezel and a transparent display. The Orient Mako II is a high-quality timepiece with a long lifespan that comes at an affordable price. The diameter of the stainless steel case is 41.5mm. A folding clasp secures it to a stainless steel bracelet. The Orient F6922 movement ensures that the watch runs smoothly and consistently. The day and date are displayed at 3 o’clock, making it convenient to wear daily. You can pick the model that best meets your tastes from various variations on this design.

  • Orient Pilot RA-AC0H

The brand redesigns the Flieger Type-design B’s in a whole new way. An up-to-date mechanical movement powers this timepiece, and it also has a fun yet legible dial design that displays the hours in a smaller central circle. With a modern mechanical movement, it offers a fun and easy-to-read dial design that shows the hours in a smaller circle at the center. The Nemoto Luminova gives this watch its highly reflective hands and markings, which makes reading it at night easier. If you’re a fan of bomber jackets, the watch makes an easy way to spice up your everyday look.

  • Orient Panda Chronograph

With the “Panda” chronograph from Orient, you can keep up with the pace. While the chronograph DNA of legendary Rolex Daytona and Omega Speedmaster watches are visible in this timepiece, the appearance is distinctly Oriental. The contrast between the subdials and the dial on the “Panda” watch reflects the color patterns of a panda. An Orient Panda Chronograph is an excellent quartz chronograph with solar power. A well-made product at a reasonable price. Due to their scarcity and significance, these chronographs and bears are in high demand.

  • Orient Flight FUNG2004F Green

The RA-AC0H is a more expensive version of the Flight in many aspects. However, its style and features make it appealing for reasons other than its price. The Orient Flight is an outstanding pilot’s watch that is sleek and attractive in its simplicity. The Pilot is a reminder of a time when flying was still awe-inspiring. As a result, many aviation clocks exude an air of antiquity.

One of the best automatic timepieces from Orient is the 42mm stainless steel Flight. This watch has a date display at 3 o’clock and is water-resistant to 100 meters. With its blue dial and white legible markers, this watch is a breeze to read. On the outside, the bezel is polished, and sword hands are on the dial. It’s better to have the leather strap that comes with the default version of the Flight than to buy one separately.

  • Orient Star Classic

Oriental Star is the company’s top-of-the-line dress watch collection, available at accessible pricing. The Orient Star raises the bar for Orient’s entry-level watches. One of these models might not be the most excellent choice for a brand new beginner to buy. Even if you own at least a dozen of them, you won’t be able to locate a brand that matches the value. Even though it’s the most expensive timepiece in Orient’s collection, the price tag does not reflect this. The Orient Star Classic is one of the most basic watches in the series. From a distance, it’s awe-inspiring and awe-inducing. The Japanese-made Orient Star watches outperform their Chinese-made counterparts in terms of quality.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Orient brand, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to an automatic watch, Orient is your best bet if you’re looking for something that’s both luxurious and economical. In addition to having an in-house movement and a slew of other valuable features, they sell some of the most outstanding watches on the market for a fair price. has Orient watches for sale!

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