Criteria to Consider Before Getting Your Custom T-shirts Printed

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Looking for ways to strengthen team bonding in your organization? Opt for custom t-shirts; it works better than most other techniques! 

Whether it’s for an annual day at the office or a departmental team-building event, these can be a great addition. And ordering for them is easier than ever if you can find companies like Custom Shirt Printings.

Important things to consider when ordering custom apparel for your team:

Now, you may think, what’s the big deal in ordering a t-shirt for everyone in the department? But the truth is you need to look at it as a marketing tool, one that you should use smartly and wisely.

  • You need to choose the right printing technique for the t-shirts. If you end up saving money and using sub-par methods, the quality of the products will be compromised. As a business owner, you cannot afford to make a mistake like this. If the quality of customized apparel is poor, it reflects on your business reputation and credibility. Choose from methods like DTG printing, screen printing, dye sublimation, transfer printing, or heat press printing.
  • When deciding on the fabric for the custom t-shirt, you must ensure that it is compatible with the printing technique. Not all techniques can be used on all types of fabrics. For instance, dye sublimation works best for cotton shirts. Screen printing is compatible with most fabric types and produces long-lasting effects.
  • Without the right fabric, you cannot hope to impress your employees or anyone else wearing your t-shirt. It’s important that the t-shirt feels comfortable even for long wear purposes. Tri-blend t-shirts have ring-spun cotton, polyester, and rayon. The end product is durable and comfortable at the same time and can suit any body type. But who can deny the comfort factor of cotton t-shirts? They are not only robust but breathable and hypoallergenic. And, if you are someone who has consideration for his environment, this is an eco-friendly choice!
  • Selecting the right cut is another important criterion when you make your own shirt. If you have both women and men employees on your team, it’s best to go for a unisex design that can flatter all body types. Long sleeves are better if it’s winter, while short sleeves are the best when you plan to engage in team-building activities in the hot summers.
  • All printing methods do not have the same speed of production. This is a key factor to look at when you want custom t-shirts. For instance, if the team-building event is next week, you need quicker deliveries. If however, there isn’t any urgency, you can choose a method that yields the best output.
  • All businesses must work according to a set budget; yours too. Costs of printing will vary according to the technique and fabric used. You will find many cost-effective printing solutions for businesses that have tight budgets. And that doesn’t mean these don’t produce good quality stuff. You choose a custom t-shirt shop depending on your needs and budget at hand.

These are easy-to-follow guidelines that you can use to order customized apparel for your employees. Make sure you put some thought into the designing process to create something that others will appreciate and cherish!

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