How To Market Your Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping over time has become one of the most in-demand businesses for new and well-established entrepreneurs. With the constant rise of Amazon, we have seen many sellers moving away from traditional shop management of managing everything from storage, packaging and delivery to a simpler approach, of letting wholesalers manage that part of the work for you

Apart from Amazon, many businesses have now started to use other means of drop shipping in order to maximize their profits. Most notably, starting their own website with products listed and making money by getting the audience to purchase their product

But getting people onto the website is easier said than done, with almost hundreds of new website popping on the world wide web on a daily basis, chances are you might get lost in the shuffle and potentially lose out before you even begin

What Should We Do?

In life, of anyone has ever told you that you can sell something with 0% marketing, they are lying. Even the expert Guru’s you find online that claim to start your own business with 0% investment on product and marketing and make money are pretty much marketing themselves for you to purchase something from them.

So, all in all marketing is and will always be an important aspect of how well a business does, but not everyone may have the financial muscle to perform everything and willing to invest to gain those high numbers of ROI

We will cover some basics of the types of marketing efforts you can put in to gain mor eyes on your drop shipping store

Use Social-Media:

One of the most common practices found to promote your product is with the help of social media. It’s not as simple as starting your own page and create posts on a regular basis, this was the template but with time things have started to change. For instance, you do need to do the step mentioned earlier but in a more strategical and planned out manner.

What your product represents, what kind of audience would benefit from your product, these kinds of questions you need to start asking yourself and plan out according to that

Some of the most common and well-known steps of marketing through social media though include joining different groups and communities where the audience relates to your product, share different posts and offers on their so that audience would consider looking at your store once at least and look to gain positive reviews along the way.

Another aspect that helps is running ads on these platforms, tailored for people that are either interested in your product or would like more information about it. This helps to understand the type of audience that could purchase your product and how you can entice them more to get that conversion over the line.

Speaking of ads though,

Search Engine Ads or PPC

One of the most expensive out of the ones in this list, but if done right the most profitable amongst the lot. Search engines like Google, have over millions of searches on a daily basis from around the world. This is where running the right ads, with the right information for the right people could help benefit you to gain more conversions or ROI.

Running ads again sounds pretty simple, just select keywords, setup some ad copies and start the campaign. Doing this though could be a hit or miss and we need to ensure that the chances of success are as high as possible.

Many sought-out businesses run ads on Google to gain more traffic, clicks and leads as well, so doing this right could be highly beneficial for your store as well. For starters start out with small goals and a fair budget, don’t go too high to burn everything out or too little that you can’t really gain a lot of clicks

With the likes of Amazon also running ads, chances of showing up do slim down and can be nerve-racking. But like I said, ads is not just that simple anymore and you can have your ads specifically show up to people that don’t purchase from Amazon, giving you a different audience and market to compete in.

Many other techniques and strategies can be deployed to get results, but nothing can be promised and having someone who has seen the ads world could be good. Knowing Google, things tend to shift rather quickly

While on the topic of Google, comes the next entry

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is probably the most hard hitting yet fruitful of the bunch if done right. The problem with SEO, it takes too long.

SEO can be considered as a marathon rather than a sprint, you won’t see much in the short term with any efforts you put in but its more about planning for the long-run where the numbers will improve and get you more sales and conversions

Organic traffic is considered perhaps the best for any business, as it requires the least amount of monetary investment but more time investment from everyone involved

On the surface doing SEO seems pretty easy: fixing website, writing content, creating backlinks. But sadly, that is not the case. A lot goes into managing and implementing a SEO campaign and double that in making it a successful one.

But learning about SEO similar to other aspects mentioned is not difficult, many courses and videos are there that you can easily find online and start your learning. It sounds tedious and even annoying at times but the overall result can be great for your drop shipping store.

Landing Pages:

Imagine, you are just an average joe at a conference and want to stand out from the rest and be noticed what would you do

Now imagine the same thing but with a page. Landing pages having a optimized well written content could do wonders for your website. There are many tools out there that can assist you with creating landing pages, such as Instapage, Leadpages, Getresponse and many more.

Designing the flow of your landing page focused on the product or offer you are providing with relevant CTAs to guide them to the product or gain their mails for future marketing and summarized information of what they are getting should be enough to get those leads converted and generate more sales for your business

With landing pages, the previously mentioned tips can also benefit you and greatly improve your overall visibility as well, SEO, PPC and social media, all aspects can help generate more attention on your landing page, so be sure to not just create a landing page but get assist from those others as well.


Referral traffic will never get old, that is why you see many giants of the business world today still running their own affiliate marketing programs to generate sales and leads. They are well-established in the market but still want to reach out to those that are not aware about their business or are not sure what they do exactly.

Amazon still runs it own affiliate program for sellers to help them sell products on their website and provides them a commission to create a win-win situation for everyone. Apart from e-commerce websites, you see someone like Fiverr which is the biggest freelance market in the world yet have their own affiliate program to get more eyes on them. Hosting giants like Cloudways run their own web hosting affiliate program which has increased their popularity immensely and gotten them almost 30% of their yearly sales

In the end, what you see are referrals from other people for the business, starting an affiliate program outright from the beginning can be difficult to manage but starting a referral program for people who purchase your product can be good for starters.

You can offer a small amount of cash back for each sale they can help you get, they in return could ask their friends or families to purchase your product with their link or code and everyone wins

So, Are These It?

Not technically, there are tons more that you could do apart from the mentioned above, some could be considered subsidiaries of the ones mentioned but can also be counted as their own independent channel of marketing

What the advise or closing out message would be, experiment with these and others as well, try different things opposed from those who have done something and seen success and most importantly be patient, Rome was not built in a day, success can be tiresome to gain but it feels great once you achieve it.

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