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KAT(KAT) was introduced in 2008 and reported by many users. Based on the fact that the cat’s actions violated Copyright Laws, the government of several countries has shut down the website.

In July of 2016, the United States of America government banned websites. After the demise of Kickass Torrent, its domain name was altered into as well as

Be very cautious when you visit such a website, deemed illegal by the government’s orders.

How Do I gain access to Kickass Torrent:

Today, many web users download content through torrents because of its ease of use and the speed the service provides. Torrents are a part of the P2P protocol by which you can transfer and share files over the Internet.

The .torrent magnet links are available to download from applications like BitTorrent and uTorrent and provide vital information for downloading the files to the computer of the person sharing the file. The greater the extent to which the file is distributed, the more significant sources are available for downloading it.

Alongside the software, which allows you to save the torrent files to your computer, you can also use the top engine for searching torrents, including Torrentz2 or the top torrents, like the KickAss Torrents.

To get access to Kick-Ass to download the Torrent,  you have to on Google and search ” KAT Status.” When you arrive on the page where you’ll land, you’ll find the current URL of the website.

If you’re having difficulty connecting, it means your service provider has blocked Kickass Torrent. You can alter DNS on Windows by using Google DNS to bypass this.

Download Kickass Torrent Without Registration:

After you have logged into kickass torrents, you’ll be able to see the Google-like interface. You’ll see a search bar to perform your search within the vast database on the website.

To learn more about how KickAss Torrent is used, type in the search query and click the magnifying glass icon or press submit at the top of your keyboard.

After the search, the site will display the summary of the results in tabular format. To quickly locate the top Torrent for downloading, it is necessary to select the Header Seed to organize the search results according to the number of sources. 

In both instances, you’ll have to install the torrent client on your computer: the most well-known torrent clients include uTorrent as well as BitTorrent.

My recommendation before making any download is to use a VPN to safeguard your privacy. By doing this, you will browse anonymously and avoid geo-blocking. Your IP address won’t be traceable, and most importantly, it will be secured.

Is KICKASS illegal?:

Access to kickass torrents is legal. The download of content that is protected under copyright is illegal.

There are a lot of free downloads on the site which are safe to download, which is why you shouldn’t be charged just for using KickAssTorrent It’s your responsibility to be aware of the files you download and stay clear of the torrent site. The use of torrents can be an offense that can result in an imposed fine and re-sharing.

How can I Signup for KickassTorrents?

Torrents were the primary and well-known method of sharing TV shows, movies, or other forms of entertainment, such as music, before Netflix and the other streaming services were introduced. In the past, before the Internet became a common thing, television and movie shows were broadcast on DVDs or VCDs and VCR tapes.

 As the age of computers arrived and the ability to burn the contents from these DVDs or VCRs on other storage devices was easy and led to the practice of piracy. However, piracy is now an all-encompassing phenomenon since the dawn of online. The primary role played in the growth of piracy was the websites that offer torrents.


Torrents make it easy for users to share films and shows, or any other copyrighted content, without having it hosted on a central server that can be removed quickly. Torrents are worthwhile because, unlike most websites, where files are saved in a single server, and other users can access the file via the website’s server, the torrent site uses a peer-to-peer network.

 A BitTorrent is used to download files. A group of computers downloading identical files is known as”a swarm. The file’s data is shared among the computers that form a swarm, eliminating the requirement to use any central server to download the data. That is what made torrents popular among those who use the Internet to download shows, movies, books, videos games, and other kinds of content.

The content was available for free and easy access, resulting in massive losses for the production houses. Authorities also noticed the pressure from these major producers and decided that they would take action on websites that distributed torrent files to individuals. Kickasstorrent was among the most well-known websites that were that was used to distribute these files. 

The authorities shut off the Internet in various countries, and those responsible for its operation were penalized. Kickass Torrents decided to start offering torrents licensed for films and other entertainment material to people who want to purchase the files to avoid legal issues.

 That’s that the process of registration for signing up with Kickass Torrents was designed to ensure an effortless process of buying and downloading content on the site. This article will look at how to signup for the Kickass Torrents website.

Registration Rules of Kickass Torrents:

Before we sign up for Kickass torrents, it is necessary to determine what domain the website is hosted. Since many pirated magnets remain available on the site, authorities are constantly trying to remove the site, and the creators must change the domains from the moment. The robust plan is to operate the Kickasstorrents website. That makes the operational site of Kickass Torrents accessible quickly. Sign up for Kickass Torrents, observe the actions below.

  • Go to to see if it’s still working, and you will know the working domain of Kickass Torrents’ website.
  • Click on the Go to the site link in the upper right-hand corner of the page to copy the URL of the working domain to gain access to Kickass Torrents.
  • You can download the magnet links on the site without registration once you have confirmed that it is open.
  • However, not all torrents are available for free download, and you must sign up for some.
  • Another method to access the page to register is to click on the movie or show you would like to download and click the download torrent link on the page with the description. Then, you will be presented with an online page that states registration is required for downloading. You’ll be taken to the registration page as soon as you click the Register button.
  • Be sure to have an ad blocker installed on your system to stop intrusive ads from appearing continuously.
  • Clicking the Register button will direct you directly to the registration page, where you’ll have to fill in the required information like your email address and password to enter after the registration process has been completed.
  • Click the Continue button once you’ve finished filling out the form. That will take you to the next page, where you can complete the registration process by entering your credit card information.
  • Signing up for Kickass Torrents requires a credit card, but there is no charge.
  • Because the information on credit cards is compassionate, it is essential to be aware of the place we enter the information to ensure it’s not misused.
  • Check that the website where you are entering the data is secure. Make sure you check the URL and ensure it begins with HTTPS and not simply HTTP. It would be best to verify whether the encryption method is secure, and after you’re sure that the encryption is secure, you can input the information.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once the information has been entered and verified.
  • Use the email and password you provided when signing up for Kickass Torrent on the site to log in.
  • You can then type in the file name you want to download in the search field. Choose the most suitable outcome from the results and then download the file.

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