Dedicated Software Team Model Explained

A dedicated software team model is a popular business model used to develop dedicated software. It is, in fact, an agreement between the service provider and client in which the service provider provides software development experts on a long-term basis to the client. The client can not only interact with the team but also check daily activities and keep the project’s overall progress.

Many companies use this approach not only to deliver software products in time but also to get ahead of the competition. As dedicated developers work full-time for the client’s project, in turn, the client also has direct access to each developer.

Hiring dedicated software developers is a cost-effective approach compared to in-house software development. Its pricing structure is simple and transparent. The client usually makes payments monthly which include the fees of service providers and salaries of team members.

In this blog post, you will get to know in detail about a dedicated development team, why you need it, its advantages, and how you can build one. So, let’s get started!

How dedicated team model works?

The overall working of a dedicated software team model can be explained in the following steps.

·   At first, the client gives clear requirements to the service provider about the software to be developed. At this step, the client determines the number of team members required for the project and the technological skills needed.

·   A dedicated software development team is hired by the service provider.

·   The team members analyze the project requirements, communicate with the client, and determine the time required to complete the project.

·   After agreeing with the client’s requirements, the software development professionals start working on a project as a team.

·   The client has complete control over the project.

·   The dedicated software team works on the project during regular hours, providing the best possible results.

Is a dedicated development team a good option?

In today’s era, the demand for dedicated software developers is continuously increasing. In the case of hiring an in-house team for the project, the team members will have a similar level of control over the entire process. A dedicated development team has full management control and a deep understanding of the client’s project. As a result, dedicated team members can accelerate the overall software development process.

Moreover, in the dedicated team model, the budget is defined and predictable. Various communication tools, such as Skype, Basecamp, Trello, etc., are used to communicate within the team and with the client. Hence, a dedicated software team is fully dedicated to a particular client.

In short, a dedicated software team model does not only give talent but the quality of resources as well.

What are the benefits of the dedicated team model?

A dedicated team is cost-efficient.

Hiring a dedicated team is cost-efficient as compared to the traditional model. Why? Because in the traditional model, gathering a team for the project is a big task. You need to find the candidates that can be fit for the project based on their skills. Recruitment can also be stressful and can increase the budget as well.

On the other hand, in a dedicated team model, the software development team is already there and works specifically on that certain type of project. The team is 100 per cent fit for the project, so there is no need for recruitment.

The client gets full control.

In a dedicated team model, the client has full control in selecting and managing the team members. If you are a service provider looking for a dedicated team for your client’s project, get the dedicated team model from Altamira. This way, you can easily manage software development professionals, resources, equipment, and the whole infrastructure.

Adopts focused approach

Another benefit of the dedicated software team model is the focused approach. In this model, a dedicated team works on the specified software product development project, so the whole focus is on the project. There are no distractions as compared to the traditional software development model.

Due to the focused approach, the team concentrates on the client’s project, hence offering the best results for the project.

Enables collaboration and long-term planning

In a dedicated team model, the team members are not only focused but also collaborate with one another. There is more communication between the client and the development team. This promotes long-term planning for the project.

The team members not only sit together to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project but also brainstorm and generate new ideas. To make the overall project more efficient and to generate the best project results, continuous brainstorming sessions are held between the team and the client.

Building a dedicated software development team

Do you want to build your own dedicated development team? There are mainly two parties involved in this overall process. The service provider is responsible for taking care of the service, office space, paperwork, employee retention, team building, etc. On the other hand, the client has to take care of the scope of the project along with communication with the team.

To build your own team, first, you need to define your requirements. You need to give information about your company to the service provider.

The next step is to interview candidates. Both human resource and technical interviews are conducted to select the best candidate for the project.

Once you interview candidates, you need to launch your dedicated software team. To get viable results, in the end, communicate regularly with the team members.

Final and last thoughts:

In a dedicated team model, the software development team works full-time on a project with direct reporting to the client. The team members are completely involved in a project. In other words, the developers do not just write the code. They determine the goals of the project and may help the client reach the goals by deploying a successful solution. In short, a dedicated software team model is a separate entity that has its own framework and management.

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