5 Best PowerPoint Templates for Sales Presentations

Presenters often mistake a sales presentation for a mere list of facts or figures. The majority of people end up creating a generic sales presentation with little to no personalization to seduce the target audience. Unfortunately, this approach misses delivering real value to the audience. It is for this reason that most sales presentations fail to land your customer.


The goal of a well-designed sales presentation is to tell a compelling story, emphasize the value proposition of your brand, while bridging the gap between your product and the problem the audience needs solved. In addition to the sales presentation’s goal of informing, educating, or inspiring, a well-done sales presentation goes far beyond a simple slide presentation and leaves a lasting impression on the client.


The purpose of this post is to list out some of the most surprising and editable PowerPoint infographics that will help you woo the audience and close deals like never before. Prepare your slides before presenting by personalizing them to your audience:



Create a compelling presentation with no time wasted with this Lead Nurturing template! You can use the high-quality, corporate-grade funnel diagrams to simplify and visualize how your company supports sales nurture and conversion. With this template, you can see revenue, marketing, and sales processes from a birds’ eye view. 


Diagrams such as upselling & cross-selling can be used by presenters for showcasing sales processes. Users can choose from dark and light themes for the two-slide template, allowing them to effectively capture the attention of their audiences.



This Sales Manager PowerPoint Dashboard template allows you to leverage data-driven dashboards and visualise important, decision-making Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Creating quality content and not worrying about slide design will allow presenters to integrate professional insights into their slides efficiently.


In addition to allowing for unlimited customization, the template allows presenters to analyze data, identify questionable areas, and sort data using custom functions. Moreover, you can also convert raw data into meaningful visualizations using Excel and other KPI inputs.



An excellent choice for your go-to sales presentation needs is the 14-slide Sales Pitch template. The template has been designed to cover every aspect of a sales meeting. These slides can be used to highlight the company’s financials, including revenue, net profit, EPS, and more.


Using the template will help you improve your sales pitch with pre-packaged slide diagrams & backgrounds. Consequently, you will be able to showcase your company holistically and aid your audience in their decision-making process. In addition to providing insight into important business processes, panelists can touch upon supply and demand, management, and operations.



Utilize the Five-Year Transformation Map template to make your company’s business transformation strategy transparent. This template is designed to help presenters gather data, including historical data, and to project economic trends within the industry. The next five years can also be used to showcase potential market changes and how your business will be able to adapt to those changes.


By plotting the KPIs on either axis of the graph, presenters can highlight current and future milestones. Sales managers will be better able to adapt to changes in the market and devise new business strategies to stay competitive.



Using the Flat Design Funnel template, demonstrate how prospects became qualified leads. Visualizing your sales process is easy with the 3-slide template, featuring a mix of modern graphics and high-grade business design. By upgrading their sales presentation, presenters can offer an audience an at-a-glance summary of the sales process.


In linear, connected, or sequential business processes, funnel charts can be used to illustrate different stages. This template provides presenters with a way to summarize business data, identify weak points, plot data relationships, and analyze the conversion rate of leads to sales! 




Despite the claim that PowerPoint sales presentations are dead, using an ideal sales presentation can set the tone for conversations with leads and create a lasting impression. Be sure to personalize your sales presentation. Describe the audience’s pain points and how your solution will alleviate their problems.


The above-mentioned templates allow you to generate stunning sales presentations with pixel-perfect visuals, high-quality typography, and business-friendly slide animations. 


You can now effectively present to your target audience with 100% customized slides!

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