7 of the Best Hosted PBX Providers

If you own a business, you may be looking to find the best hosted PBX provider for your needs. A hosted PBX provider, or a private branch exchange is used by businesses to make outgoing calls and receive incoming phone calls via the internet. This is a popular alternative to traditional landlines, traditional PBX services, and VoIP services. There are currently many hosted PBX providers available for businesses, but not every one of these businesses is the same. Each provider has their own unique benefits, and as such, it is important to research a wide array of companies. This will help you find the best hosted PBX provider for your specific business needs. Read on to learn about our picks for the top seven best hosted PBX providers, listed in no particular order, and which features differentiate one provider from another.


Dialpad is a popular hosted PBX provider that provides a great overall service. One of the things that differentiates this service from many of its competitors is that it has one of the widest ranges of call management features. Some of these features include call control services, such as transfer, hold and muting services. Some of the other features that are available include voicemail transcription, post call automation for logging call summaries and call analytics. Lastly, Dialpad offers call coaching services, helping you learn how to make the most of their system.


Telechoice is another popular option for a hosted PBX provider. One of the things that sets Telechoice apart from its competitors is that it offers more than hosted PBX services. It also offers VoIP and other communication options. The company will work with your small to medium-sized business to help determine which communication option for your incoming and outgoing phone calls is right for your business. If it is a hosted PBX service, the company can put together a customized package that includes all of the features you want. The ability to truly work with small businesses and figure out the right services for them is what sets this service apart from its competitors.


If you have a very small business or are a solopreneur, Nextiva may very well be one of the best hosted PBX providers for you. This service offers some of the cheapest subscription plans around, making it a top choice for those on a tight budget. The service also features unlimited video calling, an auto attendant, free number porting, video analytics, smart automation and voicemail transcription. If you are looking for one of the cheapest plans and that is the deciding factor in selecting a hosted PBX provider, Nextiva may be the perfect fit for your small business.


Another top pick in the hosted PBX provider arena is RingCentral. What differentiates RingCentral from its competitors is that it has a wide selection of customer relationship management, or CRM, integrations. This makes this service a top pick for companies that have customer-facing environments and who want to make the most of CRM integrations. On top of this, RingCentral offers toll-free minutes, call log reports, document sharing, advanced call handling, multi-level attendant and can host video meetings for up to 200 people at one time.


Many businesses are based in the United States. But, for businesses with a large international presence, they need to find a hosted PBX provider that has options that work overseas and allow them to affordably field incoming calls and make outgoing calls to other countries. If your business has a large international presence, 8×8 may be one of the better hosted PBX providers for your company. Some of the other features that 8×8 offers includes auto-attendant, visual messaging, advanced call management, call activity analytics, cross platform team messaging, and barge, monitor and whisper services.

GoTo Connect

Another hosted PBX service provider that works well for businesses that have an international presence is GoTo Connect. This service offers free international calling and is a good fit for companies that need an unlimited number of extensions for a large number of phone lines. If you have multiple phone lines and have many employees who work those numbers, this is a great service for you. In addition to these two features, GoTo Connect also offers hot desking, real-time analytics, number porting, unlimited extensions and smart call routing for multiple phones.


The final hosted PBX service provider to make our list is Mitel. Mitel is a hosted PBX service that combines some of the other features that set other companies apart, making it a solid all-around pick. Mitel offers native CRM integrations, a built-in VPN, a softphone and web dialer, audio and video conferencing, business messaging and has a mobile-first design. Thanks to this mobile-first design, this company is great for companies that either have a lot of employees who work from mobile smartphones or who have customers and clients who often call in from mobile smartphones.

There are many PBX providers out there for you to select from when you are looking for a PBX provider for your business. However, each and every business has their own unique business needs, and as such, one provider may be right for one business and another provider may be a better fit for another business. Taking the time to learn about the various PBX providers out there and what sets them apart from their competitors is one of the best ways to find the best PBX provider for your specific business needs.

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