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Technology can do anything in the world today. There are several fields where the application of programming, software, and other computer-generated assistance is widely accepted and is found very helpful. People across the globe take various courses as per their preferences and requirements. Sometimes it is required to be qualified as a job seeker in order to match a particular kind of profile. Affordability is another aspect that needs to be taken care of. One of those career options is to become a Scrum Master for which you need a good CSM course. The concept was introduced by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland in 1993, and it has gained quite a popularity in recent times. 

Meaning of Scrum Master 

Let’s first understand what Scrum is. It stands for a framework that equips a project team to organize itself and adapt to quick changes according to agile principles. A Scrum Master plays a role within the Scrum framework. The Scrum Master does not get any special authority but he is someone who is well versed with Scrum and is capable of coaching others by interacting with his team and organizing the members in a way that optimizes their productivity in the course of a project. He effectively works with his team ensuring that all the necessary communication and collaboration takes place at the right time to have an upbeat ending. Scrum Masters are specifically employed to accomplish the goals while adhering to agile values and practices.  

How to be a Scrum Master? 

A Certified Scrum Master Course trains an aspirant to understand the different scrum practices in vogue.CSM Course in Madrid This certification course is in demand. Instead of being limited to technology or software development projects, now its span has spread across many industries and numerous kinds of projects. 


The Scrum Master Test is required to be given by anyone who wants to be a Scrum Master. The test will help to find out their capability to understand the principles and processes forming part of becoming a Scrum expert. Next is a Customer Scrum Master Training Course from a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer). Then comes an online exam that one has to clear. The exam is one hour consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. There are only two attempts allowed to clear the test. The passing score is 74% or 37 correct answers. The CSM® (Certified Scrum Master) exam can be taken in several languages such as English, Danish, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, and others. Recertification will be needed even after the candidate is certified once. This exam can be taken within 14 days from the day of completion of the training course.  

The Qualities Required to be a Scrum Master 

Naturally, to be able to work as a responsible Scrum Master, all you need is not just certification, because overall quality level matters a lot to be a successful one. An individual must be well trained in scrum and agile framework, understanding the system, terms, and scrum practices that are needed to be followed all the time. Knowledge of the necessary subject is a must for any profession. However, there are no eligibility criteria for this certification, here is a list of aptitudes that one must possess before appearing for the test.  


  • Technically Well-Equipped: A Scrum Master is all about a leader who manages their software development teams using his technological knowledge to the fullest. The building of programs should be smooth and it should avoid any misunderstanding when it comes to interpreting terms, tools, and processes. He must be well acquainted with the latest changes that take place in his field.  
  • Teaching Abilities: Coaching skills are inevitable for a Scrum Master. As he is responsible to explain all the aspects of a particular strategy to get the work from his team in the most flawless manner. He needs to be an enthusiastic guide as well as believe in optimizing the potential of all the members of his team.  
  • A Great Leader: A Scrum Master should not only keep the goals of the team ahead of him but also work as a member of the team. He needs to be an inspiration and also a performer. He Should be focused, encouraging and supportive. 
  • Problem Solver: To get work from a team might lead to some issues among the team members. If they are not addressed in due time, the targets cannot be achieved within the stipulated period. Nor can the quality of the work be guaranteed under such situations. A Scrum Master is expected to be a problem solver, handling the conflicts with ease and offering a solution that takes care of each member’s disagreement.  

CSM® Certification Cost 

The CSM certification cost is different in different countries. In India, it costs around Rs. 25000-Rs.30,000. In the USA it is in the range of USD 1000-1400. Similarly in Canada, it is approximately CAD 1195-1495, and in Australia around AUD 1600-1700. There are various institutions offering this course at a slightly lower cost also. An aspirant should opt for coaching from a renowned center. The classroom training cost in India is around Rs. 26000 along with the cost of the exam. It is USD 1295 in the USA. The cost of the CSM® certification exam is USD 50 [Ref.]. 


The second attempt comes free of cost and it can be taken within 60 days of completion of the course. It costs USD 25 after the first two attempts. Renewal of certification is to be done after every two years and it amounts to USD 100 and 20 SEUs. 




A Scrum Certified professional learns skills to maximize his team’s potential. It can elevate one’s career and let them find their dream job. Ranking in the organization of a good Scrum Manager automatically improves by speeding up the project and dividing it into sprints. Uniting the team and getting the maximum possible outcome would be the best virtues of a best Scrum Master. Effective use of time and money together with managing the complex product development comes easily to the professional who decides to be a Certified Scrum Master. 

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