Brochures, diptychs, triptychs and flyers

Every business, whether small, medium or large, needs to establish strategies to reach its target audience, through campaigns that disseminate its corporate image, its mission and vision, promotions, products and more.

For these purposes, there are various graphic design tools and commercial font that are very attractive, such as triptychs, diptychs, brochures and flyers. Next, we will see what each one is about, specific functions, what they are used for and their advantages, so that we have a clear image on this subject.


Brochures are short printed documents that are normally used to publicize a product or service. They are characterized because they detail the information and present illustrations to make it more attractive.

The length must be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 46 pages, the exact number will depend exclusively on the needs of the issuer and the characteristics of the audience, as well as the creativity of the graphic designer.

The brochures are normally distributed to passers-by in strategic places according to the public they want to reach.


The diptych is a type of brochure that differs because it is made up of four sides, two inside and two outside, which is the result of folding a sheet in two.

It is easy to read, therefore it is a very practical way to disseminate clear and concise ideas about a product, company or service.

The issuer’s identifying elements usually appear on the cover, such as a logo and slogan. Inside, the arguments of the document are exposed, usually accompanied by images, and the contact information is usually placed on the back cover.


They are possibly the most famous types of brochures. They became popular because thanks to their size they fit in an American envelope, thus being able to send them by mail.

They have three interior faces and three exterior faces, the result of folding one sheet into three. Like the other types of brochures, they are good options to use according to your dissemination needs.

However, triptychs allow you to disseminate a greater amount of information, therefore you have a little more space to better expose your ideas and place some more information. But you must take into account that by having more faces and more space, you have to better organize the content, since the best way to engage the public is a good presentation and easy assimilation of the exposed topic.

They are usually excellent advertising mediums and are very easy to distribute.


If what you want is to make your business known, without costing you a large sum of money, flyers are your best option, as they are an economical and effective way to reach your target audience. They are usually loose sheets in a rather small size printed on one or both sides.

The flyers are ideal for promoting the opening of a company, discounts, products, etc. They require that the design be attractive, but they are not usually printed on high-quality materials.

Now you can choose which of these tools with serif fonts best suits your needs and budget. Which will you choose?

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