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Top tip for customizing workwear hoodies

If you’re looking for a high-quality way to customize your workwear hoodies, read on to discover some great customization ideas. Cotton hoodies are the most comfortable and contoured to the female figure, while pullover hoodies are more form-fitting. And remember to avoid DTG printing, which struggles to deliver quality prints on a large volume of garments. There are also a few tricks to consider, including choosing a hoodie that will be comfortable and look great for your employees.


Cotton hoodies are the most comfortable

Hoodies are the perfect choice for fall and winter. They combine comfort and style to make a great custom workwear option for businesses, schools, and sports teams. When selecting fabric for custom workwear, cotton is the best choice. Although cotton is the most comfortable fabric for hoodies, many brand names choose a cotton-poly blend. It reduces the benefits of cotton and makes it difficult for some people to tolerate it. A polyester hoodie is another good option, but you must know your body type and what kind of climate you work in.

Cotton hoodies are breathable and moisture-wicking and will help keep you dry during intense activities. Cotton is lightweight and flexible and can blend with other fabrics for even greater comfort and durability. 


Pullover hoodies are more contoured to the female figure

The most popular styles of pullover hoodies are the full-zip type and the zip-up style. Both of these styles have front pockets. Other styles are rare, though, and are specific to a particular designer or brand. Pullover hoodies are the best choice for women who want to control their temperature without overheating. And if you’re going to get something basic that flatters your figure, a pullover hoodie is an ideal option.


When shopping for the best workwear hoodies, some essential things to consider. Avoid bleaching cotton hoodies. Don’t add a design or logo to the sleeve. And don’t print your company’s logo or design on the hoodie! All these things can ruin the look of your hoodie and make it unsuitable for work. 


Avoid bleaching cotton hoodies

The first step in washing your cotton hoodie is to prepare the surface. You should spread old towels or plastic on the surface of the work area. Lay down a piece of cardboard underneath the item to protect it from bleach. The cardboard will keep the bleach from penetrating the back and only allow the bleach to reach a specific area. 


To bleach a sweatshirt, you can use household bleach. After bleaching, the shirt will look lighter than before. The bleaching process is quick, so make sure to do it in a dark area first. Once the sweatshirt is dry, run it through a regular washing cycle. Depending on the color of the sweatshirt, it may take up to twenty minutes. If you are not sure whether or not to bleach the cotton hoodie, it’s best to consult a professional before proceeding.


Before bleaching your cotton hoodie, be sure to check the label. Some brands recommend that you use a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove the color of white cotton clothing. However, if you’re not sure, you can always test the bleach on an inconspicuous area to determine whether or not the bleach is safe. However, it is best to avoid bleaching cotton hoodies for workwear.


Consider the quality of the hoodies you want to print

You can customize your workwear hoodies by screen printing. However, screen printing is expensive and not always suitable for smaller runs and many colors. Screen printing requires setting up a stencil and a screen for each color. After the screen is created, it applies the ink to the printing surface. More than one color requires several screens and more time. Also, screen printing may not be the best choice for all fabrics.

To avoid this problem, you need to consider the quality of the hoodies you want to print. Generally, the cheaper brands have better modern cuts and better printing quality. In addition, tri-blend and 50/50 blend shirts are popular among customers. Unisex shirts don’t look good on women. The printers should have the skills to lay down less ink and soften the plastic print.

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