Halfway House in Nebraska: Laying the Foundation for Sober Living


Serious about your sobriety? Then you may want to spend a few weeks or months in a sober facility rather than head straight home after a detox program. This is because you have just cleansed your system of drugs or alcohol, but are yet to learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. 


Sober living houses can help you become comfortable in life without substance abuse. Going straight home is risky because you are re-entering the environment where you did drugs or got drunk. You are just fresh out of recovery and may not stand strong against triggers that may lurk here and there. 


Residing in a sober facility provides two big benefits:

  • You get a 24×7 sober environment to lay the foundation of your sober life. 
  • You get a chance to address your emotional issues and re-discover your true self. 


Common rules of the sober facility

  • Staying sober day in and day out.
  • Undergoing random drug tests.
  • Doing the assigned chores. 
  • Following a set timetable daily. 
  • Following the curfew. 
  • Attending meetings, therapy sessions, and other classes are meant to recover and rejuvenate you completely. 
  • Respecting other residents of the house. 


Sober living does not come easy to all. That’s why there are exclusive facilities that help you reinforce your sobriety. This makes it easier for you while returning to society. 


The best candidates for a sober facility

    • People who have just finished a drug detox program. 
    • People who are under outpatient rehab programs and don’t want to stay at home. 
    • Newly recovered addicts who have just completed their recovery program and have nowhere to go. 
    • Recovering addicts who get little support from family and friends. 
  • People who are still not confident enough to sustain their sobriety in the real world. 


It’s for your own good

Staying in a sober facility is for your own good. You are doing this for yourselves. So, please do not be intimidated by the strict rules or the daily routine and chores. When you are determined to achieve something you must be ready to put in efforts and to sacrifice. 


In this case, the sacrifice is of all the negativities that surrounded you for long. You sacrifice your addiction, your bad habits, your irresponsible behavior, and negative emotions. 


You put in efforts to develop healthy habits, be responsible, and inculcate positivity in yourself. 


This transformation does not happen in one day or even in one week. Studies have established that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit. The minimum time you must spend in a sober facility is 30 days, say experts.



Enroll in a halfway house in Nebraska and start preparing for a better life. Choose a facility that suits your needs and budget. You can also find luxury facilities that are laced with extra features like a gym, basketball court, swimming pool, and more. 


Drugs and alcohol affect all aspects of an individual’s life. That’s why it is important to work on all of them. 

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