The Guide About KickAss Torrents | New KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites In September

KickAss Torrents, commonly known as KAT, was arguably the most popular torrent website worldwide. The website provided support for all kinds of content, and anyone could find anything there without the need to spend a single dollar. The United States government shut down the website in 2016. According to experts, there was a considerable amount of infringing torrents that many governments and authorities have banned for the public. 

Nonetheless, regular users lost a source of entertainment that was free. If you want to download torrents, the pirate bay is one of the most popular sites you can try. There are different torrent websites, and now KAT is also available with similar features by different domains. 

New KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites

These are some existing New KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites in September. Authorities constantly take down KAT, so these links might not work after some time.

Other than these links, you can also find some links for KAT that are constantly updated.

Things To Consider When Visiting KAT Websites

KAT or any other torrent websites are a good source of entertainment, and they can provide everything ranging from movies, songs, applications, and software, but there are a few things that you need to consider:

Do not click on unwanted links that say your computer might be in danger or find the best business online. Usually, these links are spam and have viruses that might harm your computer. Make sure to only click on the links that you find necessary. If you automatically go to another tab after clicking something, immediately turn them off. You might be prone to hacking or privacy breach on these tabs.


When visiting any torrent site such as KAT or pirate bay, make sure to use the VPN. Using torrent websites is banned in many countries and might be monitored for illegal activities. VPN hides your IP address and is a safety layer to secure your device. 

Make sure to use a trusted VPN and do not download the VPN on the links of these websites.

Use Firewalls And Antivirus

Make sure to activate your device’s antivirus and firewall before continuing on these websites. Also, ensure your antivirus program is up to date to detect more advanced threats. 

Scan The Downloaded Files

KAT and other torrent websites work based on P2P transfer, and many users do not provide the same files as they offer. You might download a virus program that you think is a top-gun movie. Therefore, it is best to scan the downloaded file with the antivirus and ensure that it is free from all eyrrors. 

Advantages Of Using KickAss Torrent

There are many advantages of using Kickass torrents. You can download anything you want without spending a cent, and the downloaded files are usually similar to the original paid files. You can also find different qualities, formats, and sizes for the same movie or song and download anything that you find suitable. You can visit these sites anytime, and there is no need for registration and login.


When will the first KickAss Torrents website return?

There is little to no chance of the original KickAss torrents website returning online. The United States Government took the site down in 2016. However, many other sites are very similar and have similar names. Nobody can confirm that the original website might be one of those; we do not know it. 

Is It Safe To Use Torrent Websites?

Torrent websites are not completely safe, but if you follow the safety protocol by using a proper VPN, antivirus and avoiding unnecessary links, you can download your particular items safely. 

How does KAT Work?

KAT works based on a magnet link you can download and run on BitTorrent. The files are uploaded by users worldwide, and it is a p2p platform where anyone can share anything.

Final Thought

In this article, we have discussed websites similar to KAT to download torrent links in September. These websites constantly change their domain to avoid tracking and shutting down, and you should use VPN when surfing on these sites. Using the antivirus and firewall is better to avoid potential virus downloads and ensure you do not click any unnecessary links. The united states government shut down the original site in 2016 due to infringing content. KAT is a source of free movies, songs, applications, and software that users from around the world upload on it.

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