How to promote your cafe on Instagram 

In 2022, it is not enough to open a cafe and wait for guests to come to you. Even advertising on city billboards will do little to promote a new place and attract people to it. Now any business needs to be promoted with the help of different online platforms. Only this allows you to succeed and increase sales.

However, entrepreneurs often do not know what laws social networks operate under and what needs to be done to make the content affect customer acquisition. Today we will try to figure out what goals you should pursue and how to achieve them.

What is the purpose of your work

Any action must pursue some goal. For example, if a creator wants to succeed on Instagram and become popular, then he does everything to increase the number of his audience. To do this, he will use effective and fast-acting methods, for example to buy Instagram followers from experienced companies that specialize in promotion. This gives rapid growth to the account.

If your goal is to promote a cafe, then on the platform you need to make every effort to get a specific action from the audience — ordering your products or visiting a cafe. Therefore, publishing content should be set up to make the user want to try your product.

Visual design

Instagram is a place where the visual design of content is extremely important. Most of the photos on this platform look perfect, especially if the author wants to sell something. Encouraging a person to buy something is very difficult, because the user will only want to spend money if he really likes the picture.

For the best effect, you should work with a professional photographer who will arrange photo shoots in your cafe and edit photos for publication in your account. Only an expert can prepare high-quality material that will further generate income for the entrepreneur.

When you have quality, compelling content, promoting your account is much easier. You can regularly contact specialized companies and buy real Instagram followers from them to grow your audience quickly and cheaply. With a cool profile, you don’t need to be afraid that these people will leave you and not want to visit your cafe. Most likely they will become your guests in the near future.

Regularity of publications

How often you publish photos on Instagram depends on how much the residents of your city will be aware of the working hours and news of your cafe. Try to publish one post and two to ten stories daily so that subscribers are always aware of how you work and what menu items you have.

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If you disappear for a few weeks, then people will not be sure that you are ready to receive guests now and will not dare to go to you. They may think that your cafe is closed for repairs or has stopped working altogether. Remember that a modern person does not like phone calls and hopes to find out all the information online. For this reason, you need to remind yourself daily.


You made the right decision if you started attracting guests using Instagram. Take high-quality photos and stay in touch all the time — this is the key to success.

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