The Dangerous Truth You Need To Know About Chemical Drain

It’s tempting to grab a bottle of chemical drain cleaner if there’s a clog in your home’s aircon drain pipes. The marketing and words on the packaging would have you believe that once you pour this mysterious liquid down the drain, the blockage and your problems would magically vanish. The manufacturers of these acidic products don’t want homeowners to know, but there’s more information they’d like you didn’t have.

You shouldn’t feel burdened by slow or stopped-up drain lines. You can rest assured that if you call your home will receive the high-quality cleaning service it requires. We’ve only scratched the surface by highlighting four of the many problems with chemical drain cleaners.

  1. Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Corrosive:

Pipes can be corroded by the active elements in chemical drain cleaners like lye and sulphuric acid. This is a certain way to wreck your drain lines and make your pipes explode.

They’re made to dissolve obstructions, but they may do the same to your pipes if you’re not careful. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with water after using a drain cleaner. If you do this, the chemical will be neutralized and the residue that could corrode your pipes will be flushed away.

Contact Marvellous Aircon Pte Ltd if you have any questions about utilizing a drain cleaner or if you have a particularly difficult clog to remove. Because of their experts’ extensive training and experience, they can unclog your drains without risking any damage to your pipes.

  1. Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Toxic vapours can be produced when certain chemical drain cleaners are mixed together. These vapours can irritate the respiratory system, potentially causing harm, and they can also irritate the eyes and the skin. These vapours have the potential to be lethal in extreme instances.

Short-term exposure to chemical drain cleaners can cause irritation to the respiratory system. This may cause you to have a hard time breathing and cough constantly. Let’s say you work in an environment where these products’ vapours are constantly infiltrating the air. In that situation, you can even get chemical burns in your lungs.

Chronic respiratory problems including asthma have been related to long-term exposure to chemical drain cleaners. Therefore, long-term usage of these products may pose a threat to your health.

  1. Damaging to Septic Systems:

Septic systems are notoriously vulnerable to damage from drain cleaners. Beneficial microorganisms in your septic system provide the essential function of decomposing waste. The introduction of foreign chemicals into your system might throw it out of whack, leading to a septic tank failure or the need for urgent repairs.

  1. Environmentally Harmful:

It should come as no surprise that chemicals used to dissolve blockages and eliminate drain impediments are also extremely harmful to the environment. The active ingredients in these chemical cleaners eventually find their way into the public water supply, where they can cause serious harm to aquatic life. Toxic fumes released by certain cleaning products might irritate the lungs.

  1. Dangerous to Health & Safety:

Despite the dangers, many homeowners continue to use chemical drain cleaners. Wear gloves and a face mask to avoid getting the chemicals on your skin. You also shouldn’t breathe in the vapours. These drain cleaners often produce air bubbles that force the chemicals back into the air after being poured down the drain.

  1. They Don’t Really Eliminate the Problem:

Products marketed as drain cleaners typically contain highly concentrated acids that are supposed to eat through the clog and loosen it so it can be flushed away. But normally they wouldn’t act like this. In most cases, the acid can only reach a small portion of the clog before being stopped by gravity.

That means the part of the clog at the bottom of your pipe is usually the only part of the blockage that gets removed. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to have the water flowing freely again. Since more water may now flow through the drain, it may appear that the clog has been removed.

Safety Precautions When Using Chemical Drain Cleaners:

Always read and adhere to the label directions when using chemical drain cleaners. Always use safety equipment, such as goggles and gloves, when working with chemicals.

Be sure to keep kids and animals away from the area of work. When cleaning a drain, never use drain cleaners from different brands. Sometimes, blockage returns shortly after being cleared and must be cleaned again.

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