8 Ways  to Make Your Room Smell Good

The power of smell is immense. It can trigger memories, emotions, enhance the ambience, and even alter one’s mood. It’s the least important of all five senses. Most people don’t pay much attention until their nose detects an aroma.

Even though we all want our homes to smell great, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Although everyone has their own ideas of what is good, most people prefer a mild, subtle, and not too strong scent.

This result can be achieved with both organic cleaners such as vinegar and fresh, but not overwhelming options like lavender or eucalyptus.

My Room Has Bad Smells

1- Stagnant Air

Although it’s difficult to believe that air could have a smell, if air doesn’t circulate properly, air can smell musty or stale. Pollutants can cause a bad odour and make a room feel stuffy. Stale air can be unpleasant at low levels but can pose a health threat at higher levels.


Fast-acting bacteria can quickly develop in food that has been left out. Even food left in the fridge too long can turn bad and smell.

3- Dirty Laundry

According to Gorilla-rooms, Bad laundry, especially clothes that are wet or damp (such as bathing suits or exercise apparel), can quickly turn into a problem. Don’t forget to hang your wet clothes and let them dry before you put them in the hamper.

How to make your room smell good

1. Ceiling, Window, or Exhaust Fans

Fans are an inexpensive and easy way to move air. They can also be used if fresh air is scarce, such as if there is no freeway nearby, an industrial area or a high air quality index. Make sure the fan is clean before you turn it on.

2. Open Windows

It’s not surprising that opening windows and doors can bring fresh air into your home, increasing airflow and making it feel better.

3. Clean carpets and rugs

Carpets add color and texture to interior spaces. They also absorb noise and feel great underfoot. However, they trap dirt and other environmental pollutants such as mold and germs. Keep your carpets and rooms smelling fresh by removing spillages as soon as possible to reduce stains and odor. For stubborn stains, contact professionals.

4. Wash sheets

One of the little pleasures in life is a well-made bed, with freshly washed and ironed sheets. Your linens should be washed and ironed once per week. This is due to the many bodily odors, oils and fluids that your sheets are exposed to every night. For an extra dose, consider using a scented dryer sheet (unless your skin is sensitive).

5- Humidifiers

Humidifiers provide moisture in dry areas, which makes it easier for people to breathe and softens hair and skin. To add a pleasant smell to your room, you can use lemon juice or essential oils in humidifiers. Make sure to check the manual for your model.

Dehumidifiers, as the name suggests, remove moisture from the atmosphere. A dehumidifier is a device that reduces humidity and helps to prevent mold and mite growth.

6. Garbage must be disposed of

It’s no surprise that garbage can cause foul odors. Garbage should be disposed of regularly. To prevent flies infiltrating bags and mating, tie bags at the top. Clean the actual garbage can regularly with bleach wipes and baking soda.

7. Air Purifiers

While air filters remove particles, air purifiers actually clean the air. HEPA air purifiers that include carbon filters are most effective in eliminating odours. Air purifiers can be used to replace ventilation in cold areas.

8. Odor Absorbers

You can keep odor absorbers handy if you want a home that has a neutral odour. Baking soda, which is the same kind you use to bake with, works wonders in absorbing unpleasant odors. Place a small container in your refrigerator, and then place several smaller bowls around the house. If you have small children or pets, make sure that they are out of reach.

Baking soda can be used to deodorize carpets. Just sprinkle it on and let it sit for several days before vacuuming. Hardworking natural odor absorbers are activated charcoal filters and dried tea leaves in perforated bags. You can hang them in your closet, or you can toss them into a bag for use in the gym. Any unpleasant odors can be removed by white vinegar left on the counter in a bowl overnight.

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