Leveraging Trustworthy Lead Marketing Strategies to Empower Lead Generation

Lead marketing strategies attempt to attract prospects to your website’s landing pages. The landing page has a Call to Action feature. A lead generation tool is imperative for obtaining contact information from prospects. The CTA feature can also be part of your blog, Facebook page, or other online content. The common purpose of any lead generation approach is to encourage potential customers to share contact information for the sales process.
Importance of building trust
Would you share your contact information with a stranger claiming to be from an XYZ company? Nobody provides personal details to strangers because of the rise in online scams. It explains why companies do not prefer the cold calling approach anymore. One must adopt ways to build trust that inspires prospects to share their details voluntarily.
Attracting the attention of prospective buyers is the main objective of lead marketing strategies. The following are a few ways other than online marketing strategies to earn the trust of your potential customers:
● Trade show participation
● Word of mouth or referral advertising
● Product trials
● Free subscriptions
Online marketing strategies must involve social media, blogs, search engine optimization, and other methods that enhance the visibility of your company and products across multiple channels. Your prospects are more likely to provide contact details if they trust your business or have some interest in your products. Let us dive deeper to know a few practical lead generation tools that also help you build trust.
Email for lead generation
Despite the advent of innovative communication channels and social media platforms, email continues to be a credible method to send official or personal communications. A majority of your prospects prefer to receive emails than calls. Email marketing is the most cost-effective of all marketing strategies. It promises a remarkable ROI of 3800 percent as per a survey.
Email communications have a better acceptance because people are likely to open an email if the subject sounds interesting. Creating compelling subject lines is vital for the success of any email campaign. You must include helpful information to engage the attention of the reader.
The content of your lead generation email communication should have a personal tone. It should be able to develop rapport and trust. Provide an easily recognizable Call to Action feature. Include information about future activities like a product demo or personal call to discuss solutions. There are several email marketing tools to automate your lead marketing strategies.
Social media as a lead generation resource
Leveraging social media is an effective way of building trust across specific customer segments. Useful features of social media channels allow you to share blogs, videos, product demos, and live events. You can run online contests to attract leads or organize webinars to generate leads. Online surveys help collect valuable contact details of qualified leads.
Involve eminent speakers or thought leaders during webinars to improve attendance. Q & A sessions help develop trust and leadership positions. Blogging is a versatile lead generation tool as you can earn leads by submitting high-quality blogs to social media channels or established blogging sites. You can also empower your business website by adding a blog feature.
Empower your marketing strategies by creating search engine optimized content for better search engine rankings. Lead generation is an important activity because the actual sales process begins with filling up the top portion of the sales funnel.

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