Dealing With Mommy Issues In Men and Women To Move Forward In Love

Quite often we have heard women having daddy issues behaving excessively needy or anxiously in their adult relationships. Her incessant demand for affection and attention may drive her partner insane. However, there is a less talked about the matter too which is mommy issues in both men and women.

Mommy issues in men

Mommy issues are mostly about trust issues in men, which is mostly due to a lack of proper affection, care, and attention as a young child. As a result, the man grows up with trust issues for women in his life.

He perceives closeness and affection as dangerous, which is reflected in a romantic relationship through his actions. Mommy issues frequently appear as resistance to intimacy or intimacy issues.

Mommy issues in women

Women with mommy issues are like a slow poison as there can be immense damage caused to a daughter and her close relations due to a mother’s harsh behavior. There can be many kinds of mommy issues in women as not all women fall into the same category. For instance, a girl who experiences continuous criticism from her mother would grow up traumatized due to which she would act differently towards herself, other people, and in romantic relationships.

Taking the help of a dating coach

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How mommy issues affect romantic relationships

Males with mommy issues are more likely to have insecure attachments due to the lack of care and attention they received from their mothers during childhood.

This is why they distance themselves from their partners in dating or relationship scenes when there is too much closeness. When a threat is detected, they disengage to feel safe once more.

Mommy issues in women can be due to a highly critical mother that could affect a woman’s romantic relationships in these ways:

  • Being with a critical partner who is judgmental and cruel like her mother.
  • Using people-pleasing techniques when in a relationship.
  • Being controlled and dependent on her partner for approval that she never had from her mother.
  • Looking for loving motherly affection and hence, choosing older men.

Staying alone to recover from mommy and daddy issues is no solution. There can be no better option than getting into an ideal relationship even though it might trigger someone with mommy issues.

However, a good relationship with trust and proper communication is also the perfect environment to clear your issues. Once you recognize the problem and its reasons, you can move forward in love with your partner toward a healthier and more stable attachment.

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