What Makes A Good Advocate?

Advocates are a valuable skill that can make a significant difference in the lives of people, their homes, businesses, and society. A good Criminal lawyer is essential if someone is in a criminal case. All the evidence may be lost if there is no good lawyer to help. When it comes to lawyers, good advocacy is essential.

It can be difficult to distinguish ‘Good Advocacy from ‘Bad Advocacy’. Many advocates from various disciplines make up the BAR (e.g., crime, family, and civil matters). Many students choose advocacy and pass the exams with flying colors. Is it enough to pass the exams with high grades?

Good grades are only one part of being an advocate. Many other skills and qualities are required to be a best advocate in Delhi.


It is not easy to be an advocate. You must be accountable for your client and the law once you have taken up a case. Advocates must be able to handle the entire case and, ideally, also study the case from the other side. An advocate should know where the case is at all times and where he wants it to go. It all depends on his ability to present the case before the Judge.


Good Advocate can keep their eyes on the case. Some cases are not resolved in one hearing or in a very short time. Sometimes, it can take years for a case to be deemed. A good Advocate can keep the focus on the case, even when it is prolonged for a long time.

Analysis, Analysis, And Perfect Analysis

Without his analytical skills, no Advocate can earn the badge of “Good”. If a case is properly planted, it will grow well. While every case contains some facts and evidence, there are many other aspects to the case. A good advocate is someone who can see the unseen and make judgments about the unknown.

Five Essential Ps Of Advocacy

These five Ps of Advocacy represent the essential qualities that a great lawyer should possess

Preparation For Hearings: It takes a lot to prepare for every hearing to present the case clearly and effectively. An Advocate can’t afford to get confused or nervous when presenting facts.

Planning: It is not necessary to present all evidence and facts at the first hearing. Good Advocates need to know how much and when they will show it. To protect the confidentiality of the data, the Advocate must also decide how much to hide.

Perception: It is the Advocate’s attitude towards the case that matters most. Only then will he be able to prove his client innocent before the Law.

Perseverance Is Essential: Cases can be difficult. People wouldn’t need an Advocate if they were simple. A good Advocate will stand firm for the case, regardless of all the difficulties and odds outside the court.

Persuade: Without good persuasion skills, no one has ever been able to be a great lawyer. An Advocate must be confident in his words and be able to persuade others to believe him. No one will believe an Advocate if he isn’t sure of his words or stumbles when making statements, regardless of whether he is truthful.

Lastly, a good advocate is someone who is always ahead of his opponent.

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