Top Thing To Near Bangalore

Top Thing To Near Bangalore

Bangalore is a very famous city in Karnataka for tourists.  Their food is so famous and tasty. Its culture and language is so amazing. Many famous places belong there. The views of Bangalore are so amazing, especially night views. The night View looks so beautiful. Their scenery is so amazing. The beauty of Bangalore is very famous all over India. Their night scenery is  beautiful. People called Bangalore the city of silicon. The most famous sweet in Bangalore is Kayi Holige.The famous Shivoham Shiva temple is very popular in Bangalore. Bangalore is a very attractive destination in India.


Famous Places In Bangalore


1:Ramanagara Hill-

It is located outside of Bangalore.There are so many silk markets. It is famous for its silk market.People gave it the nickname of the silk city.There are so many hills to visit, some are so beautiful to visit There are seven hills in Ramanagara .All the seven hills are so attractive to visit for people.


2:Lalbagh Botanical Garden-

It is a royal garden and a very beautiful garden. The beauty of this garden is so amazing. It holds two flowers. There are so many plants with many plants that are a hundred years old.The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is famous for couples. Also couples can stay there late at night.


3: Bangalore Palace-

This palace is situated in Vasant Nagar Bangalore. Bangalore palace was built in 1874. This place is a royal palace located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Fun world is an amusement park.This park is located in the palace grounds.This place is famous for its interiors and pillars. The park is full with many elephant trophies.


4:Cubbon Park:

It is a very famous park in Bangalore. Most of the people go there to see the beauty of this park. There are so many plants and flowers. The park remains open to 6Am to 6 pm. It is a very beautiful park.  We can enjoy the toy train ride in Cubbon Park and also we can enjoy the dancing musical fountain, visit the Cubbon Park aquarium and many more things we can do in this park.


5:Ulsoor Lake-

It is one of the biggest lakes in bangalore. It is located on the western side of the city.All the important Offices, Court , Hospital and Market were built around the lake. This lake is so beautiful.Most of the people go there to see this lake.


6:Iscorn Temple-

Shri Radha Krishna temple is one of the most famous temples in the world .And Iscorn temple belongs to god Radha and Krishna. It is a very famous temple all over the world. The beauty of this temple is so amazing. The guest house is also available in this temple.


7: Exploring Snow city-

The exploring snow city is very famous in Bangalore. It is a very amazing city. We can enjoy the snow there. The temperature of snow is not so high or not so down. The view of snowfall is so beautiful to see. The time that you will be allowed to stay there Is 45 minutes.



It  is a city in Tumkur district in is famous for its hillocks. There are so many temples and fort.Many tourists come there to visit their fort.Madhugiri fort famous for its was built by Raja Heera in the year 1678.


9:Galibore Camp-

It is situated on the bank of cauvery. It is the most famous offbeat destination in Bangalore. You can enjoy lots of fun there. This place is famous for its nature camp. Mostly fish camp is famous here. Nature lovers enjoy lots there.


10: Kanakpura Camp-

It is a perfect destination for camping and Adventures. There you can build your own tent. This camp organized a fun activities program which you can enjoy single or in a team. This camp did not allow lots of activities. This is an amazing experience.



It is situated on the bank of cauvery. It is the most famous offbeat destination in Bangalore. You can enjoy lots of fun there. This place is famous for its nature camp. Mostly fish camp is famous here. Nature lovers enjoy lots there.


12:Kodachadri Trek-

It is a very famous trek in Bangalore. You can enjoy lots here. It is located in Shimoga district in Karnataka. This trek is tough but not the toughest. If you are a beginner, you can start your journey from here. Beginners can take Jeep to reach on this trek. You can reach by train also. You can reach this trek in two days. First day spent reaching the location, second day spent seeing this trek.

13.Church street-

Church Street in Bangalore, which is about 750 meters long and named after St. Mark’s Cathedral, is one of the busiest and most popular streets in the city. It is flanked with gift shops, music stores, bookstores, restaurants, and cafes, some of which are among the city’s oldest, all of which provide a diverse range of goods and delectable delicacies. Artists set up shop on the streets on certain days to sell their work, which includes paintings, photo frames, posters, and handmade things. There are arcades for both kids and adults, as well as tattoo parlors.

14.Tipu Sultan Park-

Tipu Sultan’s vacation residence was Tipu Sultan Palace. It is currently a museum and is known for its Indo-Islamic architecture, which includes decorative frescoes, spectacular arches, jutting balconies, and dazzling patterns. It may be found within the Bangalore Fort.

National gallery of modern art-

The National Gallery of Modern Art is a two-story museum housed in a colonial-style home. It depicts India’s cultural mindset from as far back as the 18th century. A large theatre, a nice cafeteria, and a reference library are also available.

Commercial street-

Commercial Street is Bangalore’s oldest and busiest shopping district. It is well-known for its clothing, jewellery, gadgets, footwear, and local eateries.

.Lumbini Garden-

Lumbini Gardens is a public park in Bangalore located on the banks of Nagawara Lake. It’s in honour of Lord Budhha. A children’s park, a boating club, a fountain, a walking route, and food vendors are among the main attractions.

J.Nehru Planetarium-

In Bangalore, the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a renowned tourist destination. Its major feature is the Sky Theatre, which simulates how the sky seems to humans. A mirror dome show, a science park, and a special programme are all available on the first Sunday evening of each month.

.Fun World Bangalore- One of Bangalore’s most prominent amusement parks is Fun World Amusement Park. It features a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a snack court, among other attractions.


Banglore Aquriam-

The Bangalore Aquarium, located in Cubbon Park, is Bangalore’s most well-known and largest aquarium, as well as India’s second-largest. It has a number of attractive and exotic cultivable fish on display, including Siamese Fighters, Catla, Freshwater Prawns, Goldfish, Red Tail Shark, and others.

Overall Bangalore is a very famous city in India.  Bangalore comes under the fourth most expensive city in India. It is the best place to visit for tourists. There are lots of places to visit.And all the places are very beautiful and their nature is so amazing to see.


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