A Librarian’s Top 5 Tips to Help You Build a Home Library

There is a high chance you’ve struggled to part with your books. Your collection may be getting out of hand. If that’s you, it’s time to get a home for your books. Setting up a home library will help you stock your books neatly and give your family access to limitless learning. Building an outstanding home library is not just about hammering wood and nail. It involves some serious planning, a budget, and a style that augments other spaces. Here are five tips that will guarantee you an effortless library-building process. 

Do You Have a Designated Spot?

The first step to setting up a home library is picking the best spot for the library. It doesn’t have to be a room. It can be a well-ventilated corner, a space with good natural lighting, or a spot with less traffic to shut yourself away from the beehive of activities in your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s an empty room or an unused space by the staircase. You can convert any space into a dream home library. You can easily incorporate a home library into an existing room. 

A spot next to a window allows ample natural light and good views as you take the knowledge oozed by your books. The space and home layout will dictate the type of library layout for your home library. You may need to do a home remodeling to get the perfect home library for your family. Consider scheduling an appointment with a home remodeling professional to help you pick out the best spot for your library. Home remodeling contractors have the experience and skills needed to bring an ultimate library experience into your home. 

What About a Budget?

You need a budget. You need to have a rough idea of how much you’re willing to put into the project. A budget will ground you and minimize spending money on unnecessary things. List down everything you need for the home library. Mark the must-have and things you can do without. It will help you run a budget-friendly process. If you can access second-hand items, use them. It will help you stay on budget. Besides, shiny and new are not always the best options. There are many ways you can access second-hand shelving units, library seats, bookcases, etc. Go to flea markets, online and physical thrift stores, or Etsy. 

What Mood Do You Intend to Create?

What kind of reading environment do you desire to have in your home? Do you want a calm and relaxed library space or a space inspired by your favorite books? Or maybe you want to create an inviting space that sparks conversation. Perhaps you prefer a classical feel as you read your books. Let the space express who you are. Use lighting and colors to create the perfect mood and express your love for books. 

It’s Your Library. Not a Public One

You are allowed to be bold with this space. Ditch the standard wooden or white features and go for unique colors or finishes for the library space. Who said the decor piece should be book-related or literary in nature. Think out of the box when decorating or styling the space. Be personal with your home library. Let it tell your story. Your guests need to see you when they look at your home library. Go over and beyond when choosing colors for your library. Maybe the shelving units or bookcases don’t go well with other spaces in your home. Get creative and take hints from the geometrics and layout of your home.

Make it Cozy 

Who said you’ve to sit by a reading table to get immersed into your book. A thrilling novel and a comfy sofa were created for each other. They are a match created in the literary world. So it makes sense to add comfortable furniture pieces or seating options in the library space. Consider adding a cushy reading nook in the library space. Fresh flowers, plants, and rugs will liven the space. Adding a fireplace, throw pillows, or plush seats will make the space feel cozy. An entertainment area is also an awesome idea for the library. Consider adding a tiny bar in your library. it will help you unwind after a long day of reading. Don’t forget to personalize the space. 


There is no reason to put off building a home library. It takes effort, planning, and the right home remodeling partner to get the perfect home library. Nonetheless, these tips will fetch you a cozy reading oasis. It doesn’t matter how massive the library space is. It all depends on how you design the space.

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