A step-to-step guide to head shaving

A lot many people who have embraced baldness recently struggle with the daily head-shaving tasks. Owing to the dome head structure and not being able to look at it while shaving makes it difficult and tricky at times. While various advanced head shaving products like bald head shaver, electric trimmers, etc. have made the latest entry into the market, they are not sufficient for a smooth shave. One needs to know the right shaving techniques and be able to follow a routine to have the best shaving experience. A head-shaving regime is quite a personal thing; however, there are certain things that you cannot miss such as pre-shave care or after-shave cleaning.

The reason behind the rising number of bald head people is varied such as extensive hair loss issues, genetic flaws, or even fashion purposes. Yes, you read it right! Bald hairstyles are the new trend this summer! Call it the Rock effect or whatever, the millennials are giving some major styling goals by flaunting their shiny bald heads. We can observe that the notion of baldness being associated with shame and aging is fading away. People no longer consider baldness as an issue or a major appearance concern. Instead, they have begun styling it in different ways to look more fashionable and presentable to the world. While you can get various bald styling inspirations, it’s you who has to take care of and maintain it. Salon visits every week are not quite possible or affordable by all. 

So, what’s the most viable way to look good, groomed, and presentable all the time? The answer is simple! A good-quality head shaver and a few basic shaving essentials that are put to use in the correct order are the keys to having a well-groomed bald hairstyle. You don’t have to buy expensive head shaving products or frequently visit the hair salon to maintain shiny bald heads just like other public figures and influencers. Just a few basic grooming products and expert techniques are sufficient to keep you going. But, what are these basic products and techniques that can ensure a quick, smooth, and effortless head shave? Well, keep reading to find out the answers. 

Essentials of a head-shaving kit 

For people who have a shaved head or planning to shave their heads, it is important to have a compact head-shaving kit that has all the essentials that you would need to get done with your head shaving regime. No matter whether you are at home, in the office, or traveling, having this kit will keep you relieved of the grooming stress. The key inclusions in the ideal head-shaving kit are as follows: 

  • A bald head shaver, preferably electric. 
  • Pre-shave oil 
  • A moisturizer 
  • After-shave lotion 
  • An antiseptic, in case of razor cuts & burns 

Shaving regime: Vital steps 

As stated earlier, the head-shaving regime is not monotonous which implies that there’s no one standard way to shave your head. Some prefer to use an electric head shaver over manual razors while some find the manual razors more effective. Similarly, many bald head people enjoy a wet shave as it gives a smooth and fresh feel after; however, others go for a dry shave to save time and pre-shave efforts. Keeping these personal preferences aside, the following are 4 basic steps that can get you a smooth and effortless head shave: 

  • Clean & Trim before shave

Before you begin to shave your head, it is important to trim the long hair strands and clean them thoroughly. Trimming the hairs can make the head surface smoother and easier to glide across. Once the trimming is done, it is essential to cleanse it well so that the small trimmed hairs are washed completely. 

  • Apply pre-shave & lather up 

Pre-shave is an important step that most people tend to overlook. Pre-shave oils are made of natural extracts that smoothen the scalp and make it ready for the razor glide. Pre-shave oils are important to keep the scalp nourished and prepared for a head shave. If you prefer a wet shave, lather up after a few minutes of applying the pre-shave. Or else, you are good to begin shaving. 

  • Shave

Once you are done with the basic pre-shave ritual, you can begin shaving your head. Shaving with or against the grain is another personal choice that is on you to make. Both shavings with and against the grain have their own pros and cons that you need to assess beforehand. However, what is important is to use a good-quality head shaver to enjoy an effortless head shave. 

  • Aftershave lotion 

Choosing a good-quality aftershave lotion is important to smoothen the razored head scalp. After the shaving is done, the scalp might get rashes or bumps that would cause irritation and pain. Applying an antiseptic lotion right after shaving will calm the skin while providing it with nourishment and care. A regular habit of using aftershave lotion will keep your scalp smooth and irritation-free.

Bottom Line 

Head shaving can be tricky; however, one can manage to do it effortlessly with a good-quality head shaver. And other shaving essentials, and the right shaving process. Following the above 4 steps while using standard shaving tools is sufficient to have a quick, smooth, and effortless shave.

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