Why Airbrush Tanning is Stealing the Limelight


Tanning beds are popular. For years, people happily hopped into a bed and lay their bodies comfortably, all ready to tan. Although the beds are still popular, airbrush tanning is stealing the limelight these days. And a tanning salon in Boca Raton has gone one step forward. It provides mobile spray tanning services!


Airbrush tanning

Airbrush tanning is a bit different from spray tanning. The former uses an airbrush instead of a spray machine. Airbrush is akin to spraying paint on a wall. It’s easy, isn’t it? 


The tanning technician sprays the tanning solution in the form of a fine mist coming out of the airbrush machine, as you stand still without clothes. You may or may not choose to wear undergarments. However, you must cover your genital area because this is delicate and may get harmed by the solution. 


The technician sprays the solution all over your body. He or she would instruct you to move sideways or raise your arms to make sure not an inch of your body is left without color. You must be nimble enough to follow your technician’s instructions. 


Airbrush tanning is a delicate process. It requires skill. So make sure you are in the hands of a trained technician. Search for “best tanning salon near me.” Avoid going to just any salon. 


Mechanism of sunless tanning 

Tanning solutions contain DHA, which stands for Dihydroxyacetone. This is a sugar compound, which is safe for use on the skin. DHA binds with the proteins present in the epidermal layer (surface layer) of the skin and produces a pigment called melanoidins. This pigment is responsible for giving your skin a darker color. 


Because all the action takes place at the surface of the skin, the tan fades off. This is because skin sheds dead cells at regular intervals from the surface. So, the tan fades off. This may happen within 3-7 days or maybe 10 days, depending on the type of tan and how you maintain it. 


About DHA

DHA is no synthetic compound. It is a natural-based compound, a carbohydrate actually, derived from botanical sources like sugar cane and sugar beets. 


The FDA has approved the use of DHA upto a concentration of 15 percent in tanning solutions. However, the FDA advises only the external use of DHA. So, be careful while handling tanning solutions. 


It is still unknown what would happen if DHA gets into your eyes, ears, mouth, or vagina. That’s why you must cover your private parts during tanning, even if you opt to go naked. Also, close your eyes and mouth when the technician sprays the solution over your face. Don’t forget to plug your ears with cotton balls. 



Techniques like airbrush tanning and spray tanning are highly convenient. They give you a tan within minutes. If you love to give yourselves a tan, why not try one of the techniques in a tanning salon


Give your skin a rich color this summer. Pale is passe. Color is in. 


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