A Guide To Writing A Timeshare Cancellation Letter

If you want to cancel your timeshare, you have visited the best place. The majority of people who purchase timeshares mourn their decision. But escaping a timeshare agreement is not that easy. Persuasive salespeople are professionally trained to keep you within your agreement or, worse, negotiate your agreement when trying to cancel. 

The bad news is that cancelling your timeshare may be a nightmare. Yes, it will surely take some time. The good news is that it is really possible for Top Timeshare Exit Companies. You can exit your timeshare and avoid those rigid schedules and nasty fees to the curb. Once you are free from a timeshare, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. 

Steps to Prepare a Timeshare cancellation letter 

The first step in writing a cancellation letter is recognizing your rescission period. This signifies a grace period where people gain an opportunity to review the agreement and determine if it’s in their best interest. Ignoring your recission period will create a situation where an individual has no choice but to sell their timeshare rather than get a refund.  If this is the situation for you, you can check out this article on how to sell my timeshare.

Identify The Recission Period 

Another step to completing a cancellation letter is to recognize the recession period. This constituent grace period will create a situation where an individual has no choice. It forces them to sell their timeshare property than get a refund. Therefore, when drafting a timeshare cancellation letter, it is crucial to mention all the information in the contract, including the owner’s name, the date of purchase, and the contract number. 

Set Expectations 

While several people are happy with their timeshare holdings, there are other people as well who may think that their timeshare holding doesn’t represent the best opportunities. If this case is with you as well, always ensure to take benefit of all the possibilities mentioned in the timeshare cancellation letter. Timeshare experts are trained professionally to entice people and convince them that buying a timeshare property is in their best interest. 

Keep It In Writing 

Purchase a folder in which you can store your timeshare cancellation files and records. Your cancellation should never be an email. Instead, you must type your cancellation letter, get a printout, and mail it to your timeshare provider. Keep a copy of all the documents in your record as well. 

Mention Your Request To Cancel The Timeshare 

There should be no doubt in the provider’s mind about the timeshare cancellation request. In writing, you must be clear, firm, and distinct regarding the cancellation decision. The Subject part should announce something like “Request To Cancel Timeshare” or “Timeshare Cancellation Request”. The body of your letter must mention the cancellation request ASAP. 

List of All Important Details 

The representative’s job who receives your cancellation request is to prevent you from doing so precisely. Ensure to include the necessary details to keep your cancellation request moving. The company loves you to forget, including necessary information, as it buys them more time to convince you to stay with them. Ensure to include the following information in your timeshare cancellation letter: 

  • Contract Holder’s Name 
  • The name of the timeshare mentioned in the contract 
  • Purchase Date 
  • Contract Number 
  • Membership ID 
  • Bold the necessary details 
  • Use Bullets wherever necessary 
  • Don’t hide the crucial information 

Send The Correspondence Through Certified Mail 

Please do not allow the timeshare company to inform you that they didn’t receive your letter. Instead, send your mail through a certified channel so that they receive the letter at any cost. Do the same for future correspondence as well required in cancellation. 

Wrapping Up 

About 85% of all people who avail of timeshare are unhappy with their decision. Therefore, they see a way out to escape their timeshare. Being the Top Timeshare Exit company we have listed some steps you can follow to escape your share time. 

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