Do Businesses Pay More For Water?

Are the water rates of business much cheaper than the domestic ones? This is an important question that many business startups have been asking for a very long time. It is important to know that the domestic water rates, on average, are 8.7% cheaper than the ones that are out of contract for the business tariffs.

According to a study, the average household property tends to pay around £515 every year on the water rates, relative to the 564 Euros which are paid by other business properties on default or standard rates, and they are equivalent as well.

Water expense in an area

If you try to understand the water expense in your area, you should find out the system. If it isn’t an interconnected system, then it means that the amount that users tend to pay for water services in every region would highly depend on the scarcity of water.

It will also depend on the cost of maintaining the local water network as well. If you take the British water network into consideration, it doesn’t have an interconnected system as well, and the country is divided into regional water and a separate wastewater network as well, which is managed by the water wholesalers.

Water expense

Water is the most expensive in the southwest of Britain, as this is where users tend to pay 40% more than the national average of paying for water. In certain areas, the water companies are known to maintain thousands of miles of pipes that only serve a small population.

This tends to push up the average bills as well. The cheapest water in Britain is in the Thames Basin. This is where users pay 25% less than the average national payment for water. This region also includes London, which is heavily populated.

This means that the average cost of maintaining the work network is reduced. Hence, each business and company needs to know the importance of understanding your business water bill, as it can help you understand the difference in water expenses in many areas.

Cost of water for small businesses

Small businesses are generally known to pay water rates that are under measured water and wastewater tariff from the company water supplier.

Due to these certain tariffs, the businesses tend to pay a mix of standing and relating to the volume charges, and these depend on the amount of water that is consumed by the business.

According to an important study conducted, the results show that the businesses occupying a property that is the same size and consumes the same amount of water similar to the average household will be charged a little higher rate for the water than the other households which are based on the non-household tariff rates.

Small businesses have the benefits of switching from the standard or default tariffs to the ones that are more competitive, which are offered by the same water suppliers.


Conclusively, the water rates differ from many places to many regions, and it is known that the tariff rates highly affect the rates of the water as well. If a small business consumes water that is similar to or more than the average household water consumption, then it will be charged more.

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