When and How to Wear Knee High Boots in Style 

Knee-high boots are boots that rise to the knee or are slightly there under or over. Generally, they are tighter around the leg shaft and ankle at the top. Knee-high boots are the staple fashion that is timeless and never goes out of style. Popular from the hippy seventies to the pop twenties, they have travelled time with fashion, come back with a bang, and are here to stay always. With options of different colours and patterns ranging from black knee-high boots to brown, they are available in wide varieties to make you feel fabulous instantly.  

But if you’re new to shopping for knee-high boots and find it difficult to get the right pair. Like how to wear them, and style then no worry longer because this article has all your answers. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.  

History of Knee-High Boots  

Starting back from their origin, knee-high boots were initially used as menswear shoes. From daily workers to fishermen, even the soldiers are used these tall boots to protect their feet and provide them support to walk properly on uneven surfaces.  

Since 15,000 B.C. Boots have been around and their evidence is depicted in the cave paintings of Spain, and within the tomb of Khnumhotep in Egypt. The first appearance of knee-high boots came in the fifteenth century and was worn by all people of all social classes, although they were designed exclusively for men.  

Knee-high boots jumped into the mainstream fashion in the 1950s. Films such as “Rebel without a Cause” and the “Wild One” featured knee-high boots. From the 1960s onward, they become inventive and available in varieties of styles, textures, and patterns in the market. Now, they have become a chic staple and can be found everywhere from office wear to coffee dates look.  

Ways to Get a Good Fit in Knee-High Boots  

  1. Try to opt for knee-highs that can easily zip up or lace up. This will help you to get control over tightening the pair as you want.  
  2. Your knee-high boots should never be loose-fitting as that makes it difficult to walk and eventually ends up in accidents. So, to avoid this go for a proper fit knee-high boot.  
  3. If you have a heavier lower body then try to opt for knee-high boots that offer the wider calf coverage option to ensure ultimate comfort.  
  4. Wear them and take a walk around the house first before going out. Check if they fit properly and ensure maximum long comfort for the entire day. 

How to Style Your Knee-High Boots  

  • Wear them with a Skirt 

Knee-high boots are perfect for pairing up with skirts. They are comfortable to wear, sophisticated, and add the flair of drama and an appealing look. If you want a bold look, try to pair up your skirts with black knee-high boots. In order to survive harsh winter weather conditions, layering up is the key to success. Wear knee-high boots under midi or maxi-length skirts that can offer an extra layer of warmth and is actually a genius move.  

  • With Jeans 

Jeans and knee-high boots are other classic pairings. Don’t try to stick always over to the skinny jeans. Tuck a pair of ocean blue jeans into these boots and get the striking statement instantly. If you’re looking for smart casual looks then pair dark-colored jeans with black knee-high boots and look amazing all day around.  

  • With Rompers 

If you are looking to enhance your ensemble and want to give a vivid look with rompers, try to wear them with the right pairs of knee-high boots.  

Here is the style tip-If you have a black romper, then go with matching black knee-high boots and see the world of difference in your look.  

  • With Leggings 

Knee-high boots with leggings are a classic and sporty look. They provide you with practical comfort and are ideal for any daytime outing. Pair them with any colors from black knee-high boots to brown and blue, you can experiment with your looks.  

  • With Shirt Dress 

Shirt dresses actually resemble casual vibes and when it is paired up with knee-high boots they can change your entire aesthetics, obviously in a good way. It will add some flair of alluring and fashionable appeal. 

Summing Up! 

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