How to style a dirndl dress like a local?

If you are a foreigner eager to attend Oktoberfest wearing a dirndl dress or have never worn it before, styling it can be crucial. However, we have laid down a comprehensive guide that can make you look good at the events. 

A vintage dirndl dress has come a long way. What you see today is a much-upgraded version of what it was previously. Working women of Austria and Bavaria merely wore this dress. It was referred to as ‘maid’s dress for all the right reasons.

But today, it is considered the custom dress for Oktoberfest. It is worn by women who participate in it to make the event more colorful and fun. But before discussing ways to style, let’s look at its origin first.

Dirndl dress: A flashback

Let’s time travel to the 19th century when working women in Bavaria first wore a dirndl dress. The piece of clothes like an apron and dirndl blouses is what made it a respectable customary dress in the villages of Bavaria. The upgradation process of dirndl dress took place in mid-1900. And it has become popular within the city as well. 

A vintage dirndl dress has emerged amongst the latest fashion trends and is a desirable outfit for all women. However, in modern fashion, you can utilize many ways to style it and look breathtakingly beautiful at any event. 

How to get the best of a vintage dirndl dress?

If you wish to modernize your vintage dirndl dress, you can experiment with so many different things. It can be done via vibrant color, accessories, and silk fabrics to make you party-ready. You can also play around with different dirndl blouse and sleeve styles to add uniqueness to your dress. Let’s dive deeper to style a vintage dirndl with a modern touch.

Comfy yet stylish shoes

Choosing shoes to style with your dirndl dress can be difficult as one wrong move can steal the spotlight. You do want to be the life of Oktoberfest, right? If so, pay close attention to the pair of shoes you want. You can finish off your Oktoberfest look with a trendy pair of shoes. The following pair of shoes goes best with vintage dirndl dresses.

  • Pump shoes

Pumps are considered the best pick pair of shoes with a dirndl dress. It is comfortable to wear and trendy looking. You don’t have to go overboard while wearing pumps. It gives you a complete look and enables you to show off your dance moves effortlessly.

  • Tennis shoes

Want to add more fun to the Oktoberfest dirndl dress? Great! A pair of tennis shoes will do the job. These tennis shoes will allow you to embrace a sporty and fashionable outlook. 

  • Harfel shoes

Love doing experiments with looks? If so, opting for harfel shoes will go best with your personality. The less feminine look of harfel shoes will add elegance to your vintage dirndl dress.

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Trendy jewelry

Accessorizing your dress with jewelry is an excellent way to complete the look. You can wear earrings or heart chokers with a vintage dirndl dress. A Bavarian rhinestone pretzel earring can also be a good pick.

Hairdos with dirndl dress

It’s a make-or-break kind of deal when it comes to hairdo. Always make sure your hairdo goes well with your dress and accessories. French and swiss plaits give you a party-ready look. It makes your face visible and gives a uniform facade. You can wear hair accessories like fancy pins and wildflowers to get a finished look.

Meaning of vintage dirndl bows

Vintage dirndl bows have various meanings. You are supposed to tie it according to your marital status. Everyone loves wearing a dirndl dress at the Oktoberfest. However, a bow reflects a lot about them. You can choose to tie a vintage dirndl bow from the following.

  • A bow tied on the left means a woman is single and looking for a partner.
  • If it is tied on the right, it gives a clear idea that you’re interested in someone or are dating.
  • A bow tied in the middle means you are too young to date or marry. Usually, little girls wear it.
  • If tied at the back means you are a widow.

No matter what your marital status is, Oktoberfest is open to everyone. There is no discrimination based on caste, culture, or marital status. All you have to do is to pick an Oktoberfest dirndl dress. For that, a well-trusted online store offering best seller dirndl dresses is a must. 

Choosing a well-reputed online store

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