Fall in Love with Miami while Reviewing Movies by Scott Cooper Miami

Miami is a tantalizing city with lots of stories to tell. Some of its levels can be depicted by the movies shot in this fabulous location which will be reviewed by Scott Cooper Miami. Some of the films not only showcase the beautiful beaches but also are pictured around the mafia and the drug cartels.

First up is Scarface, released in 1983. This movie received a lot of backlash from the Miami politicians as some of the characters in the story were not portrayed correctly. This created a lot of unrest amongst the Cuban population in Miami as they felt that the movie made a mockery of their culture.

This movie revolves around Tony Montana, portrayed by Al Pacino, a Cuban. Slowly and gradually, with his wits and hard work, he rises the rank in the drug cartel. This movie was directed by Brian de Palma and was shot in Miami.

It showcases some of the famous landmarks during that era. It also features the iconic Sunrays Apartments and Frank Lopez’s Mansion at 485 Matheson Drive. The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is still a worthy mention in the movie as reviewed by Scott Cooper Miami

The next up on the line and shot in Miami is the rom-com movie: There’s something about Mary, released in 1998. This movie has Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon in the lead roles. This movie covers a large part of Miami along with the Art Deco District.

Another movie that was shot in the heart of Miami is the famous movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, released in 2003. This movie stars the legendary actors Vin Diesel and his partners in crime Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Devon Aoki, and Eva Mendes. It explores the nightlife of Miami and shares glimpses of Downtown Miami.

The Scott Cooper Miami project founder and CEO, Scott Cooper, is an actor and director who has made movies such as Antlers, Out of the Furnace, Crazy Hearts, and many more. Cooper has showcased his versatility by directing films in several genres.

Antlers, one of its proclaimed films of Cooper revolves around the story of a young boy tormented by his father, who is a Wendigo, a shapeshifter with claws and antlers. This is a suspense-horror that will have the audience gripping their seats.

Cooper has also directed the American biographical crime drama Black Mass, released in 2015. This movie stars Johnny Depp, who portrays the role of a Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. The Feds offer Bulger a deal to reveal the details of the Italian Mafia, to evade arrests.

Out of the Furnace is one of the most renowned films under the Scott Cooper Miami project. This movie is inspired by true events and features Christian Bale as Russell Baze. The story revolves around Russell as he takes laws into his own hands to track down his brother’s killers.

Another film worth mentioning is Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges. The actor went on to get an Oscar for the role in this film. The story talks about country music singer Bad Blake who is an alcoholic and does small gigs to make a living. He gets a second chance at love, and his career, and the movie talks about his beautiful transformation.

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