What to Do When You’re Locked Out

Home security is a critical aspect of home ownership. That’s why most home and property owners place a high premium on the safety of their families and tenants. However, what will you do if you get locked out of your home? You might feel alone and vulnerable, especially at night. Nothing is worse than being locked out of your house, but it doesn’t have to spoil your day.

Pull yourself together and figure out how you can resolve your security concerns. You should also take steps to avoid this occurrence again. You should be able to find a spare key to your home. However, there are ways to unlock your door if you don’t have one. Try a handful of these tactics to unlock the door:

Contact a Locksmith for Help

Contacting a locksmith is the best action if time is of the essence. Having a locksmith unlock your door will save you time and prevent further damage to the door. Costs will vary by location and time of day.

Are you having trouble finding a locksmith? The best recommendations come from sources you can trust. You can use Google to find a certified one if you want to. You should select the locksmith with the best reviews in your community. Verify that they carry the relevant certifications.

Asking Your Neighbor or Landlord for Help

You’d be glad if you made an effort to get along with your neighbors before this happened. Handy neighbors may be willing to help you unlock the door. If it’s snowing, raining, too cold, or hot, your neighbor may let you in.

You are lucky if you rent an apartment, and your spare apartment key is most likely with the landlord or management company. It is a good idea to carry identification documents and proof of residency. Many apartment complexes demand lockout fees if you need help getting in.

Remove the Door Knob

You can try removing the door lock if you cannot afford to wait around for a locksmith. It’s easy to accomplish, even if you’ve never tried anything like this. You’ll need the assistance of your neighbor in this situation.

You can open the door by simply taking the knob off if the deadbolt isn’t locked. The screws or connections that hold most doorknobs are usually out of sight. However, if you sift through the door knob, you will notice a slot or tiny-sized hole beneath it.

Try to Find Any Open Doors or Windows

If you’re locked out, having a few windows and doors that aren’t fully locked can be a lifesaver. It’s a great idea to look out for any entrances to your home. How nice it would be if one of the entrances were unlocked. However, that is very unlikely to be the case.

Carefully consider the risk before attempting to enter a home from a high window. You may find yourself likely unsteady on your feet after landing. Take care around low-lying objects like chairs, side tables, and televisions. Assume that random people will think you’re trying to break into someone’s house and be ready to explain yourself.

Final Thoughts

A lockout can be highly problematic, especially when you’ve children and pets inside who require your assistance or if you are preparing a meal. However, the above strategies may help you regain access to your home. Now that you’re safely back inside after your ordeal, it’s time to start thinking about preventing this from happening again.

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