Signs that Indicate that You Need to Service Your AC

AC is necessary for a city like Canberra, where the summer is too hot, and snow blocks the road in winter. Hence, if your household or office doesn’t have an AC, you should install one immediately. Canberra is a city that suffers extreme heat during the summer, though there is just a little snowfall during the winter. And that’s why you need an agency that does airconditioning installation in Canberra.

July is the coldest month in this region, and the season lasts for around three and a half months (May 25 to September 2). The average daily temperature in the city is between 34℃ to 58℉.

Now that it is obvious that you need a working air conditioner in your house throughout the year, you need to get one AC and a technician or a company that can install it in your house. And if you already have an AC at home, you need to do regular maintenance.

But how will you know that your AC needs servicing? What are the signs that say your AC is malfunctioning?

Below are some of the typical signs that say your AC requires immediate servicing:

AC is blowing hot air.

The AC has a specific job to do. Warm the room during the winter and cool it during the summer. And if it keeps blowing warm air all the time, it is broken, and you need to call an HVAC technician.

The thermostat is not working.

The AC thermostat can be called the command centre of the AC unit. It is an important part that communicates with the rest of the parts to regulate the temperate. If the thermostat is not functioning, the AC doesn’t have a proper command system and may blow hot air during summer, adding to the intense heat.

Air coming out of vents is low.

This happens when the AC has a failing compressor; the power/pressure at which the air comes out from the vents becomes lower. So, of course, the air will come out slowly and may make the room a little bit warm/cool. But, if you don’t service the AC soon, the rest of the parts will malfunction soon. And above that, a poorly maintained compressor cannot circulate air circulate, which causes more problems.

Loud noises inside the unit

When you hear grinding, scraping, or creaking noises from your AC, you need to shut it down immediately and call for a technician. Most probably, a loose or broken part is making the noise. So, you need to call a nearby company that does AC servicing and airconditioning installation in Canberra. Since it snows in Canberra in July, you need to do so immediately because the average temperature during winter is 36℉, and sometimes, it goes below 25℉.

Strange odour

As you know, an AC is not supposed to smell bad. And if it smells bad, some part is burning or burned out recently, and you need to stop the AC. So it is advised that, in case of a foul smell coming out of the AC, you should immediately switch it off and call the service centre.

These are the main signs that tell you there is some problem with your AC. But, there are some other minor signs which say the same thing, and they are:

  • Humidity is not decreasing even after a few minutes of running the AC
  • Switching on and off by itself
  • Frequent automatic shutdowns
  • Leaking of water
  • High electricity bill all of a sudden


These signs say you need to call a technician to fix your AC.

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