Resizing Your Rings: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to rings, one size does not fit all. In fact, sometimes, a ring needs to be resized to fit the finger it is meant to adorn. If you’ve ever needed to resize your rings, you know that it’s not as easy as popping them into a machine at the local jewelry store. There are a few things you need to know before you resize your rings.

So, whether your ring is just a little too small or way too large, read on to find out what you should do and how you can get it done.

How Does Ring Resizing Work?

Jewelers can resize most rings, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if you have an engagement ring or wedding band with diamonds or other precious stones, the jeweler will need to remove the stones before resizing the ring. This is because heat from the resizing process can damage the stones.

Second, if your ring is made of a material that is difficult to resize, such as tungsten or stainless steel, the jeweler may need to cut off the ring and start over. This means that your ring will be shorter after it’s resized.

If you’re not sure if your ring can be resized, it’s best to consult with a professional jeweler before you have the work done. There are a lot of jewelers in MD that would be happy to take a look at your ring and give you their opinion.

Make sure to look for jewelry stores that have a good reputation and that you feel comfortable with. Don’t always settle for the first one that pops up after you search “resizing rings near me.” Make sure to compare and contrast a few different stores before making your final decision.

What Is the Process of Resizing a Ring?

The process of resizing a ring generally takes about one to two weeks. During this time, your ring will be carefully disassembled, sized up or down, and then put back together again. Jewelers use various techniques to resize rings, so it’s important to consult with a professional before you have your ring resized. There are three main methods for resizing a ring:

Cutting and Splicing

This method is typically used to make a ring smaller. Jewelers will cut a small portion of the band off of the bottom of the ring and then solder it back together again. This method is less common than the others because it can weaken the structure of the ring.

Adding Metal

This method is used to make a ring larger. Jewelers will add a small amount of metal to the band of the ring. This method is less common than the others because it can make the ring look larger and heavier than it actually is.


This method is used to make a ring larger. Jewelers will gently stretch the band of the ring until it is the desired size. This method is less common than the others because it can weaken the structure of the ring.

When Should You Resize Your Ring?

There are a few reasons why you might need to resize your ring. These reasons include the following:

Your Finger Has Grown or Changed Shape

If you’ve gained or lost weight, your finger size may have changed. Pregnancy and menopause can also cause your fingers to swell. If you have arthritis, your fingers may have become larger or more swollen due to the condition.

Your Ring Is Too Tight or Loose

If your ring is uncomfortable to wear, it’s likely that it doesn’t fit properly. A well-fitting ring should be snug on your finger but not too tight. You should be able to slide the ring off your finger without too much difficulty. If you can’t remove your ring, it’s likely too tight and you need to have it resized. On the other hand, if your ring slides off your finger easily, it may be too loose and also need to be resized.

You Want to Wear Your Ring on a Different Finger

If you want to wear your ring on a different finger, you may need to have it resized. For example, you may have originally purchased a ring for your index finger but now want to wear it on your middle finger. In this case, you would need to have the ring resized to fit your middle finger.

Bottom Line

The process of resizing a ring is fairly simple. A jeweler will cut the band of the ring, add or remove metal as needed, and then solder the two pieces back together again. The most important thing to keep in mind when resizing a ring is to make sure that it is done by a professional jeweler who has experience with this type of work so that your ring will look as good as new when it is finished.

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