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What You Need to Know About Shopify Booking Apps

To set up a booking app for your Shopify store, you need to install it in the Shopify store. Once installed, you can find the app in the Apps section of your store. Besides bookings, the app also offers a user dashboard that displays earnings, booking statistics and account information. You can use this dashboard to manage your bookings and even receive notifications when a booking is made.


BookThatApp by Zetya

BookThatApp is a Shopify booking app that allows you to create, manage, and track your appointments. With a calendar compatible with Google Calendar, you can see how many slots are available for different products or services in real-time. With other widgets, permission levels, and a direct connection to Google Calendar, you can keep your customers informed about when you are available. BookThatApp integrates seamlessly with Shopify and offers many features that make it an excellent choice for your business.


BookThatApp integrates seamlessly with your online store. It does not redirect users to a third-party website or show a pop-up window. It walks you through every step, including setting up multiple widgets. Choose the widgets you want to integrate into your online store and click the Create Widget button to customize it. You can also choose from a variety of templates for each widget.


The Shopify App For Appointments lets customers schedule appointments directly from their stores. The app includes Google and iCal compatibility, mobile device support, and easy customization. It supports different types of bookings, blackout dates, and customizable notifications. In addition to customizable bookings, BookThatApp by Zetya supports multiple languages and includes calendar integration. 


Easy Appointment Booking

If you’re looking for a way to make bookings easier for your customers, then you need to get Easy Appointment Booking on Shopify. The app lets you connect your Shopify store with a calendar, and customers can book appointments on your website. The app also enables you to manage bookings and appointments, send automated emails, and even invite your customers. This app can help your store increase traffic and revenue.


For convenience, Easy Appointment Booking offers a mobile app for your customers. The app lets customers book appointments from any store page and allows customers to view their appointments on a calendar or list. It also supports multiple languages and time zones and can integrate with other apps such as Zapier. In addition to offering a mobile app for your customers, Easy Appointment Booking supports Google calendar integration and self-canceling appointments.


Easy Appointment Booking on Shopify offers various benefits. First of all, it saves time for customers, and it also reduces administrative expenses. A free plan includes automatic time zone conversion. Second, the booking page can be embedded in your store, resulting in a seamless booking experience for your customers. Finally, it allows you to add custom fields to the booking form to collect customer information and prepare them for their appointment.



If you’re a small business owner looking for a booking app for your online store, you may be wondering which one is the best for your needs. Shopify and Sesami are excellent options, as both offer a host of features to help you run your business more efficiently. Sesami is simple to use and can be integrated into most e-commerce platforms. It has several booking tools to help you manage your business better, including team management, booking and scheduling, notifications, email confirmations, buffer time, and links with zoom. Both tools are highly customizable, so you can choose which one best meets your needs.


Sesami and Shopify Booking Apps offer many useful features, including online appointment reservations. In addition to allowing customers to book time slots on their calendars, Sesami’s feature is highly responsive. It also offers integration with iCal and Google calendar and daily, weekly, and monthly booking formats. It lets customers choose a color for each appointment, so they can easily differentiate the ones they’ve booked with a different service provider.



Kit for Shopify Booking Apps is a powerful tool that helps business owners create and manage highly personalized booking experiences. Using artificial intelligence, Kit allows business owners to optimize how they market to customers. Its AI-powered campaigning helps boost sales by automatically targeting customers with similar traits. It has been used by many successful stores and has received positive reviews. To learn more, check out https://www.bookthatapp.com/ now. It provides a quick overview of the Kit for Shopify Booking Apps.


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