Guide to Creating a Unique Company Name

When starting a business, one of the initial steps in creating a successful brand image is choosing a memorable company name. However, selecting the perfect name for your company is no easy feat. It must reflect the product or service offered by the company, be easily memorable and recognizable, and appealing to consumers. So, how can one come up with a name that meets all these criteria? Here are some practical ways to create a unique, relevant, and appealing company name.

Ways to Create a Company Name

Many companies, both well-known and new, base their names on their founders’ surnames or names. Big companies like Ford or McDonald’s incorporate their founders’ names into their business names. However, other founders develop their own original names using personal preferences or unrelated words. Whether it’s a surname or an original name, ensure that it’s easy to pronounce and memorable when spoken.

Another approach is using new words or syllables to create an original name for the business. Avoid making the words or syllables so complex that they become difficult to pronounce or negative. Companies can also use repetitive words in their name, making it more memorable or easier to say.

Some companies also use geographical names or place names creativity. However, it’s essential to confirm that such a name isn’t already in use; otherwise, problems may arise in the future. You can also try using different industry terms or jargon to create a unique name.

Sometimes, literary characters or famous personal relations can inspire a unique company name. The use of such characters can evoke ideas and emotions about the brand, making it memorable for customers.

It’s not uncommon that well-known brands have names that aren’t related to their products, such as Apple. Such names often become entrenched in the consumers’ minds and become instantly recognizable. Additionally, stable images in customers’ minds, such as orchards, cheerful milkmen, or village homes, can form the basis for an excellent company name.

Lastly, online services like Turbologo can offer potential names for a given business. The Turbologo service requires information about the field of activity, the number of words in the company name, or suitable keywords. Then, the generator randomly generates several potential names that the user can choose from.


Choosing a company name is essential to the success of any business. Taking into account these methods, founders can create a unique and memorable name that resonates with their customers. A company name that relates to the company’s product and services, engages the customers’ emotions, and remains easy to remember and pronounce is the perfect recipe for a successful brand. Ultimately, the company name reflects the business’s face, and its future success depends on it.

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