Is American Airlines a Good Airline to Travel to?

Rated as a 3-start airline, American Airlines caters to a very large audience of the nation and keeps offering standard services to its customers. But for a first-time traveler, it is important to know some airline policies regarding seat selection, cancellations, baggage allowance, etc. So the passenger, that is, you can save yourself from last-minute surprises and inconveniences that might ruin your entire trip. 

Although the airline is considered one of the finest, we prefer not to jinx anything and to stay prepared for whatever may come. Thus before you fasten your seatbelts, let us walk you through some of the airlines’ essential-to-know policies. 

Let’s discuss the far classes first.

For any person, regardless of stature, two things matter the most while traveling via any airline, the fare and the amenities offered. This is quite fair because the fare charge should justify the offered services and amenities – one surely will not be open to paying the prices of a premium service for getting only what an economy offers. 

The best thing about American Airlines is that they have a very extensive bifurcation of the fare classes, precisely 8. These classifications make it so much easier for one to choose whatever suits their budget and expectations too and go with it without thinking about it for hours. 

These classifications are based strictly on the different services that are offered by the flight and the fares that are charged for them. However, the game also differs depending on the type of flight and the destination. 

All in all, one has a lot of options to choose from. For premium travelers, who like to experience utmost luxury, the airline offers Flagship First as a great option. The same is the most premium service of the airline; it offers everything to the passenger from private check-in assurance, five-star luxury services, waiting for lounges, comfortable and extremely spacious lie-flat seats, and priority treatment. Travelling Flagship First can feel like a vacation in itself, and for anyone who can afford to splurge that much on a flight, it is a must-live experience. 

Next up, we have Flagship Business; if you at any point feel that affording Flagship First is going a little out of your affordability, the best thing to do is level down a bit and go for the second most premium offering of the airline. Flagship Business is like Flagship First only, except it’s not the best. You will still get priority services, lie-flat seats, and some other facilities, too – it is just a cheaper alternative. 

If you like getting treated on a priority but don’t feel like splurging on a Flagship, flying First Class is the best option for you. People flying First Class can also expect better dining options and extremely comfortable seats, however, these obviously will not make you feel snuggly like the lie-flat eats does, but that is what you are paying for in the end. 

For those who are a little here and there on the budget but want a comfortable and convenient option, the Business class can suit both their pocket and expectations. However, this class is considered best for shorter flights since the seats can be a little hard to deal with in business class. Those who are upgrading from the economy might not even feel it because we all know how the case is with economy class. But for those who are leveling down a notch, it can be a very different experience, and thus it’s best for shorter durations only. 

Finally, economy travelers have three options: Premium Economy, Standard Economy, and Basic Economy. Premium economy travelers can expect services like premium dining and amenity kits of essential. Standard economy travelers can expect the airline to offer them early boarding and complimentary seats. While that basic traveling economy has the best benefit of all and that is saved money! 

Change and Cancellation Policies 

Those willing to upgrade to a different class will obviously have to pay the difference for the same. The same is subject to availability and can be discussed at the airport with the concerned staff. For those looking to change to a cheaper class, the difference will be paid to them in the form of airline credit, which works the same as store credit, although you must discuss the policies beforehand, just to be on the safer side. 

Baggage Policies and Fees

Paying extra for carrying baggage can turn anyone off. And this is a weird but very obvious thing with airlines. They have baggage restrictions, and the same applies to the dimensions and weight of the luggage you carry. Complying by the same can be hard, but here’s what you need to know for those traveling by Americal Airlines anytime soon: 

  1. Some fare classes are allowed to carry with them one carry-on bag and one personal bag. The same is absolutely free of charge. The dimensions of the carry-on bag strictly have to be 22x14x9, and the personal item should be able to fit in a small compartment. 
  2. First-class travelers can take with them 2-3 checked bags free of charge. 
  3. Those traveling business class are allowed two complimentary bags weighing less than or equal to 70 pounds. We recommend you keep some margin, though. 
  4. For economy passengers, the weight limit is 50 pounds for two complimentary bags, and main cabin travelers might have to pay a nominal charge. 

Amenities and Entertainment

Entertainment options are a must, especially on long-duration flights. Because let’s be honest, no matter how comfortable of an experience book your tickets, some people just can’t settle down on a flight. It is not easy to fall asleep, especially when seats are like that. American Airlines is recommended option since they allow free-of-charge entertainment options across all the fare classes. Some flights also allow you to pay extra for Wi-Fi. Surely one can leverage the infotainment at the back of the seats and enjoy the flight. Passengers are also offered complimentary snacks and drinks; the same is subject to the type of flight and the duration o the same too. For longer flights, more wholesome meals are provided, and complimentary snacks are there for shorter durations. 

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