Top Places To Visit In Turin To Enjoy Your Vacation

In addition to serving as the Piedmont region’s capital and the site of the previous Savoy State capital, Turin also served as Italy’s very first capital. With its economic success renowned in the US, Paris is less known in France for its tourist attractions. On the other side, Turin has an unwarranted bad reputation. Turin, on the other hand, is definitely worth the trip! 

In fact, the city has a rich cultural and architectural legacy that combines parts of the Savoyard and French traditions with those of Italy and the rest of Europe.

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Explore Turin’s must-see attractions.

Palace of the Realm (Palazzo Reale)

Piazza Castello’s Palazzo Reale is one of Turin’s most popular tourist attractions. The palace has been the principal residence of the Savoy royal family since 1563 when Turin was recognized as the capital of the States of Savoy (instead of Chambéry). Because of its historical importance and aesthetic value, it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.

Italian St. Carl’s Square is known as Piazza San Carlo.

Piazza San Carlo, a unique place, awaits us as we return to the city’s historic center. A significant plaza in the city has been renamed Emmanuel-Philibert Square, and it is regarded as one of the most important squares in the world.

The “twin churches,” which are placed here, differentiate this plaza from the others. It is true that in this plaza, the churches of Santa Cristina and San Carlo are situated adjacent to each other, with their architectural style being almost identical. Additionally, there are cannonballs left in the buildings surrounding the square that was fired by French troops during the revolution. The Last Supper is shown in a little square on the structure that creates an angle with Via Alfieri, which is a beautiful touch. You’ll also be able to view what the Turinese call “The Devil’s Gate” if you take the Alfieri route.

It’s possible to get knowledge about autos at the Automobile Museum.

Turin is also renowned as the “City of the Automobile,” if you didn’t already know it. As it turns out, here is where the historic headquarters of FIAT is located. With time, you will discover that the history of FIAT is intertwined with that of the city. With an emphasis on Fiat’s history, but also a comprehensive look at automobiles in general, this museum takes guests on an engaging trip through the decades of the 20th century.

It is in Venaria that the Venarian Royal Palace is situated.

Royal Palace in Venaria has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The palace at Venaria Reale, north of Turin, was originally the seat of the Savoy family and is now a museum. The palace is one of the world’s largest constructions. In order to undertake hunting trips, Duke Charles-Emmanuel II requested that it be built. An expansion to the palace’s main facade was built out of brick in the 17th century and then plastered over.

The Palatine Gate

A relic from Roman times and the Middle Ages, the Porte Palatina has elements that date back much further. The gate was erected in the first century AD and was one of four important gates of a Roman city named Augusta Taurinorum. An archaeological park was created as part of preparations for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, which included the construction and relics of an ancient theatre. In order to make it simpler for visitors to see the remains, this area has been developed.

Take a look at the Shroud of Turin’s history and importance.

According to some Christians, this piece of cloth, or “Shroud of Turin,” was used to cover the body of Jesus of Nazareth after his death. At the Holy Shroud Chapel in the Cathedral of Turin, visitors may see this artifact.

Consider sampling some of the area’s chocolate.

The city of Turin is also well-known for the quality of its chocolate. You may even use a “Chocopass” card to taste different concoctions all across the city!

Though Ferrero, Caffarel, and Stregli are among the city’s most famous confectioneries, don’t miss out on the scrumptious Gianduja or the “cremino” or “Alpino.”

It’s time for a Martini, the city’s signature drink.

The Martini & Rossi distillery, home of the world’s most famous vermouth, was established in Turin in 1863 by Alessandro Martini, Luigi Rossi, and Teofilo Sola. There are two colors to choose from: red or white!

In The Nutshell

Planning for an Italian holiday? The above-mentioned list of best places to visit in Turin has to offer at a leisurely pace and a true holiday experience. So, book a customizable trip to Italy with AirlinesMap and turn out your trip budget-friendly. Bon Voyage..!

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