Factors to Focus on in 3D Product Photography

Factors to Focus on in 3D Product Photography

Ever since the Internet was used for business, photography is a skill that has been tested extensively to showcase the company’s products. One of the most advanced related ways to build a thriving online portfolio today is 3D photography. Smart ideas for product photography using smartphone 3D images allow your customers to see the products they want to buy in a more detailed way from all angles and distances, in other words, closer to how you really see them.

While photography of 3D products can improve your portfolio and add more credibility to your website you should also be careful while using your online marketing. It should attract website visitors and present it in such a way that they feel like buying it right away. While it does not require much effort or time to add 3D images to your website, it does require more attention and attention while adding than just adding custom images. Here are some of the basics you need to pay attention to in 3D product images for your business.

Type of products

The first thing to note is that not all products require 3D photography while being displayed to a customer. For example, in the case of books, you do not need to add their 3D images. Because while browsing for books on the online store, visitors may want to check only the front and back cover of the book; they do not need to see it from all angles, unless it is a used book or second hand. However, it is a different matter when it comes to a mobile gadget like a mobile phone. Here you may need to add 3D images as the customer would like to see the product at all its angles to check its size, texture and thickness. Therefore, while considering photographing a 3D product, you need to decide if your product needs a 3D effect or not.

Straight-on shots of products are a common type of product photography. It’s common for these images to be taken with a plain white background in order to keep the focus on the object itself. Images that focus just on a product’s features, such as its size, silhouette, and colour, are called “product-only” shots. Consumers can more easily find what they’re seeking for when they shop online with the help of these specifics.

Commercial still life photography takes the form of professional product photography. High-quality product photographs are not easy to produce. Setting up lighting, styling items and combining exposures requires practise and patience. When photographing for ecommerce, it’s important to know how to generate both simple and complicated product images.

Things needed

The equipment you’ll need for product photography will be determined by the subject matter you’ll be capturing.

Pegs and safety pins can be used to secure clothing and fabric. In order to hide the fishing line in the image, you can use it to hang objects.

Glue dots, tape, and blue-tac can all be used to keep things in their proper places.

Take a look at this list of useful gadgets to make your life a little easier.

Treks for setting up photography

In studio photography, the lighting is going to be a little different than in the field. You can, of course, employ a slew of speed lights, but they may not be powerful enough.

Many different types of lights can be found in studio setups. Lighting gear like softboxes, rim lights, barn doors, grids, and strobe machines are common. Each of these sources of light serves a distinct function.

Starting small is the most important piece of advice we can give. Purchase only what you know you’ll need and then gradually add to it.

To learn more about what to search for, feel free to peruse this page whenever suits your schedule. When it comes to studio photography, this should be your first point of call.


Although proper lighting is essential for both 3D and conventional images, 3D images require sufficient light from all sides. Bad or inadequate lighting can expose a product in a negative way and can have a detrimental effect on customers. Low quality 3D images are much worse than standard images because they simply show that while you wasted your time creating images you did not bother to do the editing work of the photos to present them in a better way.

In the background

The background is another factor to consider. And remember, here people will see the product from different angles and angles and they should all be equally impressive and have a constant light. Also, most of the time you can’t have an external background for 3D images that often make the whole image worse. Therefore, you need to be really careful while placing the product and taking pictures.


As you can imagine, the tools needed for 3D photography are very different from those for standard photography. And today there is software to enhance images and make them look like life. It is therefore important to find professionals who have the knowledge of the latest and most advanced equipment needed to take 3D images of products and make the necessary adjustments to improve image quality.


You should think twice before adding 3D images to your website as the cost is very different from that of standard photography. Due to the different equipment and special skills required for 3D photography, it can be very expensive. And for this reason, if you have over 100 products in your online store, you may need to choose more here at NewsUp Times about product photography. You cannot display all your products in 3D as they may not be financially viable and affect website speed. What you can do here is choose some of your best and most clickable products and place them in 3D on your home page.

It is always a good idea to gather as much information as possible about the 3D product image before you start making it. A good-looking online store has quality images of its products and if it is a 3D image, the effect is even greater. Taking care of all these 3D image elements can help you create a professional website that looks cool, reliable, and in front of its competitors.

Our sphere adds life to websites with colorful, bright, and interactive 3D product images. Our sphere experts give visitors to your website a unique experience with their ability to provide 360-degree images.

We’ll take a look  different tools to aid your product photography in this article.

Using a pleated shade as a diffuser sheet is both practical and cost-effective. In order to get the best results when photographing, use a black glass sheet.

It is possible to use a metal bowl as a make-up dish. If you don’t already have them, you’ll need them for this one. Time and effort go a long way toward making up for the price of a professional meal.

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