Why Do I Need An Attorney For A Dog Bite?

Dog bites are notoriously excruciating and dangerous injuries. The vast majority of us like our animal companions, yet a bite from any of them can result in injuries that last a lifetime. If a dog bit you or a loved one, you undoubtedly need a dog bite lawyer. We will explain the reason below.

Why Should I Hire A Lawyer Specializing In Dog Bites?

The immediate aftermath of a dog bite is a stressful and perplexing period. It’s natural for you to be confused about what order to tackle things. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in cases involving dog bites helps guarantee that you take activities that are beneficial to your case.

Dog bites need to be covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog’s owner. That indicates that you should be able to file a claim with the insurance for personal injury. On the other hand, things are rarely that simple.

The procedure of claiming an insurance policy is notoriously difficult. They frequently resort to strategies such as:

  • Calling you and exploiting whatever you say against you.
  • Questioning the severity of your injuries or playing them down.
  • Giving you the impression that the first offer you receive is the best one you can expect to receive.
  • Attempting to persuade you that you do not require the services of a lawyer.
  • Requesting that you provide a statement that will be recorded.

Adjusters for insurance companies are experts in their field. They will make every effort to pay you the least amount feasible. However, attorneys who specialize in cases involving dog bites are also adept at their work. Your legal rights will be defended at every stage of the process by a Colorado dog bite attorney.

The Contributions That A Dog Bite Lawyer Can Make To Your Case

We strongly advise getting in touch with a lawyer who specializes in cases involving dog bites for at least a consultation. The majority of personal injury attorneys, provide free first consultations. Consultation with an attorney can provide you with a solid understanding of the many legal choices available to you.

Your case may benefit from the assistance of a dog bite attorney if:

  • Demonstrating that the dog’s owner was careless before the incident that resulted in injury.
  • Delegating investigators to the task of amassing evidence
  • Researching the canine’s history.
  • Collecting statements from witnesses to the event.
  • Collecting information in collaboration with seasoned professionals.
  • Acting as your representative in all communications and negotiations with the insurance company.

If you have a lawyer representing you, insurance companies are more likely to take you seriously as a claimant. This will let the insurance company know that you intend to seek a more equitable payout package. The insurance may make a reasonable settlement offer sooner.

Victims of dog bites who represent themselves seldom fund all of their medical expenses. Dog bites can result in medical expenses that are well into the thousands of dollars. You may have also missed out on earnings. A significant number of victims suffer from emotional stress for years.

Make An Appointment For A Complimentary Consultation Today

Don’t get caught footing the bill for another person’s carelessness with their dog. Get in touch with a dog bite attorney who can assist you in fighting the case. The good news is that there will be no cost to you at the beginning of the process.

If A Dog Bites Me, What Should I Do?

If a dog bites you or a member of your family, you most likely have a legal case on your hands. In most cases, you can claim for personal injury with the owner’s insurance company.

You may get started on constructing your argument by:

  • Taking photographs of both your wounds and the dog that bit you, as well as the overall situation.
  • Inquiring everyone in the immediate area whether they have seen the dog before.
  • Collecting the names and contact information of potential witnesses.
  • Notifying both the police and Animal Control about the dog bite incident.
  • Keeping copies of your medical records and any other documentation that supports your claim of injury.

Additionally, speak with a dog bite attorney as quickly as you can. Your attorney will advise you on the most effective steps to take in the situation. They can assist you in calculating your losses so that you can determine the appropriate amount of compensation to demand.

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