4 Reasons a Vagina May Be Numb

Most of my female clients complain about numbness in their vaginal canals. And they believe they are broken and alone. Let’s clear up two points:

You Aren’t Broken

No feeling in vagina is not something to be ashamed of.

It Is Possible To Experience Pleasure and Sensation from Your Vagina

Let’s explore the reasons that you might be experiencing numbness.

Reason #1: Chronically Bad Sex

Penetrative and sexual sex is the most common. Unfortunately, conditioning can lead to more harmful touch.

Bad sex implies that your needs are not being met. It is a sign that your partner does not pay attention to your needs.

Bad sex means that you may feel unable to consent before being purged. This indicates that penetration is more of a compromise rather than an active desire on your part. Chronically experiencing this can make our vaginal walls tense and desensitized.

Reason #2: You Are Not Spending Enough Time Enjoying Your Pleasure

This point builds on previous ones and also includes the quality of your relationship with yourself. TIME is the most important factor from the point above. This refers to the time spent on building arousal prior to penetration. If there’s not enough time, then penetration is likely to be uncomfortable and eventually even painful.

Surprisingly, many women I spoke with spent less time pleasuring themselves than they would during a partnered interaction. We are so accustomed to quickies that we do not realize how mindful masturbation can open up new erotic opportunities.

If you enjoy self-indulgence, include penetration and…

Avoid rushing to be sexually active before you are ready.

Vulvas have the ability to engage in many different types of sexual orgasms. The deeper orgasms can be G-spots and cervical orgasms take 40 to an hour of attentive pleasuring. If you’re not sure if spending this much time on yourself is for you, I highly recommend it.

Reason #3: You Haven’t Done Much In-House Exploration

Because your clitoris can be found more easily, you are likely to have discovered it first on your path to sexual maturity. It can provide a safe and easy way for many to experience orgasm.

Your vagina is complex and hidden. You might be a little uncomfortable with exploring your insides. Stick with what is familiar.

Clitoral orgasms, however, are fantastic. But there are more options available if you decide to take the plunge. Your clitoral orgasms are just one item on the buffet. The rest may seem unfamiliar or frightening. Your body may be unfamiliar with penetration. Spending time paying attention and paying more attention to your internal pleasure will make them more solidified. Your body will also create new pathways to arousal.

Reason #4: Sexual Trauma

This is an unfortunate fact that it is much more common than many people realize. Trauma is a non-consensual, uncontrolled activity in which we become overwhelmed and cannot act. This can lead to genital numbness, regardless of whether or not it involves penetration.

Sexual trauma is often accompanied by intense shame. Dissociation from the body, pleasure, and even from one another can be encouraged by this shame.

Our vaginas are particularly vulnerable to holding trauma through numbness/tension. The trauma case can bring on many difficult emotions like grief and rage if we begin to feel this tension.

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